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What is ETC Coin [OR] Ethereum Classic?



Ethereum Classic or ETC Coin

Ethereum Classic is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract (scripting) functionality. It provides a decentralized Turing-complete virtual machine, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which can execute scripts using an international network of public nodes.

Source: Wikipedia

“What is ETC coin” is the biggest query by crypto lover since 17th June 2016. 17th June 2016 was the day when someone hacked the Ethereum Blockchain. That time million of Ethereum Coins we hacked.

Hacker disturbed a loophole of ETH blockchain and this was the major injury to Ethereum Blockchain. That time Ethereum forked into a new chain that cured the hacking damage.

This was the new classic expansion of the existing blockchain. Which finally called the classic version or Ethereum Classic.

What is ETC Coin in Simple Language?

ETC Coin or Ethereum Classic is the modified form of Ethereum blockchain. Its blockchain system is fully trackable and decentralized. ETC Coin or ETH forked blockchain can be used to make Dapps and smart contracts.

Dapps are some types of crypto tokens. These crypto tokens are used to sell-through the ICO period. The main objective of selling ICO tokens is to collect some funds for the upcoming project.

Ethereum Classic

What is etc coin Ethereum classic
Ethereum Classic

As we know Ethereum Classic is one of the two main coin parts of ETH. The total market capitalization of the etc coin is $524176109USD along with the maximum supply of 210,000,000 ETC. The current price of ETC coin is $4.51 USD.

What Is The Difference Between ETH And ETC?

ETH stands for EthereumETC stands for Ethereum Classic
Ethereum is the Original BlockchainEthereum Classic is the offset of original Eth Blockchain.
The main objective was to develop a fast and secure and open-source smart contract without third party requirements.The main objective was to develop a fast and secure and open-source smart contract with the trackable authority.

ETC coin provides the facility to pay on decentralized platforms of Dapps. ETC provides the facility to develop decentralized applications. Which can be installed on smartphones. So, this was the main difference between these both coins. I hope it is clear to you.

Is ETH Better Than Bitcoin?

Friends if we will see the market liquidation than Bitcoin is much popular than ETH or ETC. The market capitalization of Bitcoin is much better. But this is not the end of ETC. This Ethereum has its own unique features.

The Blockchain technology of ETH is much better and most advanced than Bitcoin. Ethereum is considered much safer compared to Bitcoin in the online crypto market.

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