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Tuition Fee With OneCoin Payment In India



Tuition Fee With OneCoin Payment: ONE is the only cryptocurrency available to use online for education purpose. You can pay school fee or even tuition fee with it.

Yer you are right we are taking about education merchant from district Bijnor In UP India.

As Supreme court allow cryptocurrency payment legal in India, more merchants are showing interest in accepting OneCoin cryptocurrency payments for tuition and school fee.

Tuition Fee With OneCoin Payment In India Merchant Detail

Name of the merchant is Mula Singh from Bijnor District UP West India. Mula Singh is offering tuition for Nursery to 12th class students with 100% OneCoin payment.

Their official merchant address is Mistymula on DealShaker.

Tuition Fee With OneCoin Payment In India
Tuition Fee With OneCoin

Here the merchant has clearly stated his mobile number address and location. If you live in or around Bijnor and are looking for a teacher for your children.

Then you can contact them and provide tuition to your children, here you will have to pay Hundred Percent One Coin Cryptocurrency Payment.

It is a very good initiation for usability and marketing of OneCoin cryptocurrency seen so far.

Deal Description:

Tuition Fee With OneCoin
Tuition Fee With OneCoin

Mula Singh specified the price of the Tuition deal approx 7.09 ONE. 1 ONE is equal to 42.43 euros as per DealShaker exchange and current OneCoin price.

To teach tuition to children, they had put 100 coupons out of which 15 children have purchased.

They still have 85 coupons left, if you want to teach tuition to your children and want to pay them in return with ONE payment then you can contact them.

One coin cryptocurrency is being used quite well in the field of education. The craving to understand blockchain technology and cryptocurrency concept is increasing day by day even in children.

Earlier we used to see such things in US and UK but now in India also we can see all these facts and can also use them.

In fact, this is the beginning of a new era, all of us should accept it.