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Transparency of OneCoin Digital Money With Usability & Stability



Transparency of OneCoin
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The transparency of OneCoin is the biggest success factor of ONE ecosystem. Today OneCoin is number one among all cryptocurrencies available in the market. They have the largest merchants, largest userbase and global reach up to 200 countries worldwide. Likewise, It a huge thing in itself.

Legal Challange With Bitcoin And Other Altcoins

Initially, Bitcoin was introduced to the market but there were so many legal challenges. Like money laundering, anonymous transaction, decentralization of financial transaction activities.

No one could be traced for illegal terror funding and no one was responsible for the unwanted payment transactions. Also, No one can decode the blockchain wallet except the generator.

But all these drawbacks were overcome with the transparency of OneCoin cryptocurrency. Nobody could use OneCoin as a vehicle for illegal activities.

Transparency of OneCoin With Blockchain KYC

OneCoin has taken a very strong step in reducing anonymous transactions. So, With blockchain KYC. All the necessary and important information in the blockchain is verified.

OneCoin asks for all necessary documents like Address proof, identity proof, nationality proof, etc. Storing these documents with blockchain makes it perfect for online transactions.

Also, Due to having a KYC system, no one can send money to anyone secretly here. And if anyone tries to do it, it will be tracked. So, No one can even hack this blockchain because to do this, one has to verify their account.

While the blockchain of bitcoin and another cryptocurrency can be easily hacked. And we often hear this type of news, there is nothing surprising in that.

Transparency of OneCoin With Centralized System

Anyone can mine bitcoin as they have a decentralized public blockchain. Likewise, the concept of OneCoin blockchain is totally different. OneCoin has a central blockchain system and is under control. For mining OneCoin we have to go for special permission.

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One Coin authorities constantly monitor every activity happening in the blockchain. Anything else keeps controlling unwanted activity, it happens after a certain time interval.