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South Korea Accept Cryptocurrency As Money



South Korea Accept Cryptocurrency As Money: Latest decision after FATF meeting with global leaders. Good news for all the OneCoin family.

Hi, welcome to our latest news for the whole OneCoin and other cryptocurrency families. Also, recently South Korea moved 1 step forward in cryptocurrency regulation.

So, as per the latest news coming from South Korea Accept Cryptocurrency As Money with the full proof system.

This decision is taken after the FATF global meeting. In this meeting, country leaders decide to launch new cryptocurrency regulations in different countries like India, South Korea, etc.

Why South Korea Accept Cryptocurrency As Money

South Korea Accept Cryptocurrency As Money
South Korea Accept Cryptocurrency As Money

Actually cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can not touch by hands or physical contact.

The total supply of cryptocurrency is limited and it is defined from the first day of the invention. Likewise, We know how much total Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, OneCoin, and all altcoins can be mined.

So, the supply of each cryptocurrency is fixed. And demand is increasing as per the time changing. In upcoming future Cryptocurrency, we prevent the whole world from the upcoming recession.

And this is the main reason South Korea start regulating cryptocurrency as money in the whole country.

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Here is some more reason behind this:

  • Cryptocurrency is fast and secure than fiat money.
  • The blockchain system seems more safe and secure than ordinary banking.
  • There can never be any slowdown in cryptocurrency.
  • Also, Crypto trading is more demanding than fiat currency.

What Country Showing Positive Mood Towards Crypto

  1. South Korea
  2. India
  3. Australia
  4. Germany
  5. France

South Korea passes its first cryptocurrency bill. Germany modifying its existing cryptocurrency rules. Australian supreme court announce crypto legal. India Supreme Court removed the cryptocurrency ban from RBI.

All these events are showing us a glimpse of the golden future to come. Likewise, Now we will roam around with a cashless mobile wallet in our pocket.

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