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South Africa 30 Rules Policy For OneCoin And Other Cryptocurrencies



South Africa 30 Rules Policy: An amazing and interesting news is coming out of South Africa regarding OneCoin and other cryptocurrencies regulation.

The cryptocurrency market is very sensitive, new laws are being made from day to day.

Also, South Africa has taken very good steps in this regard, which is going to give a huge benefit to One Coin cryptocurrency.

Recently, 30 new rules have been made here. If any cryptocurrency wants to operate in South Africa, then they have to follow these 30 rules.

South Africa 30 Rules Guidelines Referance

Now we will see the guidelines reference about these 30 rules. Actually these 30 rules are beneficial for a lot of people. Also, for Regulating all cryptocurrencies and virtual assets.

So, the main objective of these rules is to stop any kind of money laundering activity in the country.

In these rules, this confirms that nobody can use these virtual assets for illegal money laundering. Because all types of money laundering initiate crime, smuggling, terrorism, and other illegal activities.

FIC will superwise these guidelines ( Financial Intelligence Center ).

Important task of FIC:

  • Customer Identification
  • Customer Verification
  • Keep Records
  • Conducting CDD Procedure
  • Monitoring of Suspicious Activities
  • Reporting Unusual Transaction
  • Reporting Cash Transaction

In addition, guidelines related to buying and selling cryptocurrencies have been issued.

So, The interesting thing here is that all these things already exist for OneCoin cryptocurrency.

Likewise, based on this information, we can say that OneCoin cryptocurrency is fully legal in South Africa.

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