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Six Central Banks Working On CBDC With BIS



Six Central Banks
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Six Central Banks Working On CBDC: Friends, OneCoin is a digital currency that acts as a digital currency of the Central Bank.

Today we are going to discuss about a central bank group that starts working on CBDC. Actually this group is testing the CBDC with the Bank of International Settlement.

Central bank Digital Currency Group

  1. Sweden
  2. Canada
  3. Switzerland
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Japan
  6. Europen Central Bank

All the banks included in this list give great importance to digital currency because they have many advantages.

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What Do These Six Central Banks want?

These central banks are testing the fundamental concept of digital currency. Actually many central banks are rising the issue that after digital currency regulation people will forget banks.

And when people do not need a bank, their existence will cease. Due to this fear, some central bank has taken the decision that we should prove this principle first and show it.

Many international financial institutions have joined big personalities for this task and they have formed many committees.

In this way, the concept of digital currency will get international recognition.

What Are World Reactions?

We officially came to know that six central banks working on CBDC with BIS but we can’t ignore the world reaction on it. Recently we hear positive news from all corners of the world.

Recently we hear India is making its own digital currency. RBI officially confirms that they are working on their own digital currency.

Similar news has been heard from the Central Bank of Thailand. The Central Bank of Thailand has also confirmed that they are building a cryptocurrency of their own and will launch it in the market very soon.

Think, in which direction, we are getting this kind of feedback from the whole world.

We are clearly getting the message that the time to come is the time of digital currency and we cannot deny it in any way.

And I believe that this type of motivation can only be possible on the basis of one coin cryptocurrency.

One Coin Company had sent its business model to all the central banks so that they could get approval from the central bank internationally.

And the Central Bank agrees with this, that’s why we are getting this kind of response from all over the world.

All the central banks are in favor of cryptocurrency, if it had been visited then we would not have received such news from every corner of the world.

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