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Simon Lie May Face Strong Legal Action For Copying OneCoin Concept



Simon Lie May Face Strong Legal Action: Simon Lie will have to face huge legal problems in the coming times. He may go to jail with a huge fine.

Actually Simon Lie was the ex-captain of OneLife network. He resigns from his designation and started his own cryptocurrency project OneLink.

Why Simon Lie May Face Strong Legal Action For OneLink Crypto

One coin company is going to take a lot of legal action against Simon Lee. Likewise, the main reason behind this is the cryptocurrency created by Simon Lee.

Now some questions may be arising in your mind, like whether it is illegal to start a cryptocurrency project?

Or people who start another business after resigning from OneCoin cryptocurrency, how will they face legal activities.

See, Simon Lee has not broken the IMA guidelines by resigning as the captain of one coin crypto currency.

But they have stolen the concept of one coin cryptocurrency. He has even named his cryptocurrency as OneLink.

No One Can Copy OneCoin Trademark

ONE is a legal, registered project. They legal rights for their project. If anyone will try to steal the concept or copy paste the concept of OneCoin Project.

Then they have full right to take legal action against that victim. No one can copy the concept of a registered business.

One Coin cryptocurrency has its own registered trademarks and Logo. Also, the persons, who are its IMAs have been issued separate guidelines? For using the company’s logo.

If an independent marketing associate does not follow the guidelines laid down by the company. Likewise, They are fined 500 euros and imprisoned for 10 years.

Along with this, the ID of that person will also be revoked. Also, all the assets in his account will be seized.

Likewise, now you can understand that this guidance is only for the Independent Marketing Associate. What kind of punishment can be provided for a company’s project if it is stolen?

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