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Price Stable Technique🤑 👉After Exchange🤑



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Introduction 👊

Hello, friends today we will discuss some special price-stable technique in this article. Actually, most of the countries in the world avoid crypto regulation, the main specific reason behind this is price fluctuation.

Recently 2 cryptocurrencies are on top trending discussion. These are OneCoin’s ONE and Facebook’s Libra and both are stable.

How the price is stable we are going to discuss on this topic today in this post. So let’s start with authantic reasons behind this.

🕵🏿 These Amazing Techniques Will Make Price Stable 🕵🏿 🤜

✔️ 🌍 Price Stable Technique 1👆🏿Fix Minimum Selling Price 🌍

Any cryptocurrency which will have fix minimum selling price will be stable in the market. Let’s understand this with example of Bitcoin and OneCoin.


Bitcoin is an independent coin and there is no known personality to control Bitcoin price fluctuation. Suppose you have 100 Bitcoins and want to sell them as quickly as possible. Then you will place your bid at lowest rate. And your coins will be sold out.

Result: Price will be dropped soon.


Friends OneCoin or ONE cryptocurrency have a huge and complete ecosystem. Soon it will decide a minium selling price limit. No One could sell his coins below that specified price.

So there will be no price drop. People have to wait for buyers for selling their coins.

Result: Price will be stable.

✔️ 🌍 Price Stable Technique 2✌🏿Limit on Crypto to Fiat Conversion 🌍

Most of the people have crypto price fovia. Ant they think that soon price will drop. Likewise they think to recover their initial investment. And try to sell their whole cryptocurrency.

This will creat high liquidity which will creat price drop. So if any cryptocurrency want to make its price stable. Then that coin have to place a limit on crypto to fiat conversion.

Actually this price stable technique is superb and many upcoming companies are trying this. Lets take the recent example on OneCoin Cryptocurrency. Here you will see a limit on crypto to fiat conversion.

✔️ 🌍 Price Stable Technique 3✌🏿Increase Usability🌍

Cryptocurrency or virtual payments are rarely used. And there are very less merchants worldwide that use crypto coins for their business or daily payment.

If we want to see stable price of any particular cryptocurrency then we have to increase its direct usability. Actually we would be able to spend crypto coins in staed of fiat or convential coins.

Crypto city in Malasiya is the best example of this. The whole town use thir own crypto coin as a payment means.

✔️ 🌍 Price Stable Technique 4🖐🏿Accept it As Payment Method Everywhere🌍

Friends making price stable is quite easy. Each cryptocurrency can do it. But the main problem is maintaining that stable price and also price surging with time.

Let’s understand with the example of Gold. All banks prints their money after submitting God inworld bank. We are not going in detail here.

Gold price is consider stable and it is surging day by day because its demad and usability. Same thing is with cryptocurrency we have to increase it usability. And for this we have to use it as a payment means. Because we can’t prepare high quality jewellery with virtual coins.

🤦🏿‍♂️What I was Thinking ❌ 💱 💱 💱 💱  

If you were thinking to sell all your coins after the launch of the exchange, then forget it. Because you can sell your coins within the defined quantity in a day.

You have to deal with the daily selling limit after launch on an exchange.

💯 💯 Conclusion 💯 💯

I hope you got all the information about Price Stable Technique. If you need any more information related to this, you can comment us below.