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Powerpack Transfer Points Good News!! Be Careful



Powerpack transfer points
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POWERPACK TRANSFER POINTS Please note that this is just a trial period of 10 days starting from 1st November and ending 10th November 2019.

Please remember that this is just a privilege from the company NOT the entitlement. The actual transfer without limit to cross lines will start after exchange.

PowerPack Transfer Points 1-5

1. Crossline transfer not possible.

2. The transfer will be allowed in the Downline & Upline of Power Pack Account Only.

3. Make a contract with the member who is going to receive coins to avoid a double claim. The contract must be a legally binding contract which should state the numbers of coins and usernames very clearly.

4. Every member who is going to receive the coins must have at least a starter package.

5. Conditionally approved KYC is also accepted for the sender and for the receiver.

PowerPack Transfer Points 6-10

6. The PowerPack account holder who is transferring the coins will have full responsibility to receive the contracts from his members. And if any mistake made by the account holder during distribution and if any complaints will be submitted against the owner by his members. Then all the coins he transfers will revert back to the main account and the account will be locked/Frozen permanently.

7. If your CO owners don’t have any account then they can open starter packages under your power pack to receive coins. (Only those who never sign in ONE LIFE)

8. Cross recruiting for coin transfer purposes will be easily detected during this process. So be very careful because strict monitoring mode is already on and corporate have special teams to monitor all this process very closely. So don’t risk losing your power pack for small mistakes.

9. Make sure you have a good communication channel with your co-owners and shortlist them in special groups one by one once they sign the contract with you.

10. Accounts under Coin Safe that is not matured or Interest did not return completely please avoid transferring as you may lose your interest. If u do so, it is at your own discretion and risk.

11. Account holder responsible for all transfer transactions and need to provide a Declaration Form stating account info and Co-owner info to Compliance after the transfer is done.

12. Any proven complaints against fraudulence for this account will lead to coins withdrawn from all Co-ownership accounts and accounts be frozen.

Coins can be transferred from the following accounts.

  1. Tycoon
  2. Tycoon Plus
  3. Infinity
  4. Power Packs

Transferring from coin safe accounts still is the challenge for the company and the company is trying to resolve this issue but can’t be guaranteed that when this will be resolved.

You can receive your coins in the Rookie account also if you complete all profile info and upload the KYC before receiving the coins. But once you will receive the coins then make sure you activate the starter within 14 days otherwise you may lose your coins.

PowerPack Transfer Points Pro Tips

Dear Group Members

Those who are holding power packs and not transferring coins to CO owners. Who bought shares from account holders must receive their coins right now.

If your account holder is saying that we won’t send you coins until exchange will come. Then he/she is clearly scamming you.

Or he might have sold the same coins or accounts multiple times or there is a possibility that he might have sold the actual account. So if he or she is refusing to transfer the coins right now then you are being scammed.

And you are free to complain about them to authorities. Also, use the whistle-blowing reports against that account holder from the back-office/support section. (You will require authentic evidence to prove it such as contract etc).

It is very easy to transfer the coins to downlines now. And You don’t even need to open a new starter if you already have an account under the same network.

PowerPack, tycoon & tycoon plus

Open from today till 28/11/2019

Coin transfer window is open from today till 28 Nov

You can transfer the coins from Tycoon, Tycoon plus and from power packs.

The main account holder can transfer all the coins to his top account. If his top account is Tycoon or Tycoon plus or even infinity and then from the top account. he/she can transfer all the coins. Also, without any limit to the right or left side of their structure without any problem.

There is a daily limit of 3 million coins so if you going to transfer coins from top ID then make sure you know that you can transfer a maximum of 3000000 coins within 24 hours.

The transfer window will close on the 28 Nov 2019 at 00:00 British Standard time so you all have only 7 days remaining.

Call your leaders or start knocking their doors to receive your coins now

Don’t wait for exchange because DealShaker is also an exchangeability platform. And everyone is enjoying by using their coins on DealShaker. So don’t listen to them when they tell you to wait till exchange.

They saying this to you because they don’t want to give you your coins. And this can be for whatever reason as we have explained above


Friends, please follow all rules and regulations while transferring coins. Also, don’t take it as an easy process. Because each and every step of PowerPack Transfer Points will be recorded and could be monitored for future reference.