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OneLife News Update January 22, 2020



OneLife Official Newsletter
20 January 2020

Amazing news!

  • First Global Network Leader Meeting
    Sofia, 18 January 2020
  • Great events from all over the world! Enjoy the photo gallery!
  • Be prepared for our upcoming events!
  1. Regional Fintech Seminar & Happy Shopping Ecommerce, Singaraja, Bali, Indonesia 26 January 2020
  2. Leadership Meeting & DealShaker Expo @ HCMC, VIETNAM 08 – 09 Feb 2020
  3. DealShaker Expo & Mastermind @ TOKYO, JAPAN – 22 – 23 Feb 2020
  • Massive OneAcademy Educational Promotion
  • Wonder Wheel until the 15th of February
  • “Captain’s Corner” – Special Message from Captain Simon Le & Co-Captain King Jayms
  • Dealshaker Franchise & Compliance

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OneLife News Update January 17, 2020.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT OneLife News Update January

Dear users,

Please check the latest news below:

  1. NewLife and NewLife Plus packages will be effective from Jan. 18 2020
  2. Split is coming very SOON
  3. First Global Network Leaders Group (GNLG) and DealShaker Country Managers meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria on Jan. 18 2020, held by our captain team Simon Le and KJ
  4. Our Sofia Crypto Center will be opened to receive the leaders visiting during this weekend
  5. As per the section “Non-competition clause / Poaching / Sale of third-party services/ Conflict of interests” of the OneLife Terms and Conditions: Any and all OneLife members who join and/or work with (in any capacity) any other Cryptocurrency and/or any other Multi-Level Marketing companies are subject to immediate forfeiture of any and all assets in their account(s) (including any and all OneAcademy education package purchases; however, educational material will remain in the possession of the member)

Best regards,
The OneLife Team

We will get updates regarding New Life and NewLife plus packages. Today they will be the effect.

OneCoin difficulty has increased from 300TKN to 425TKN. It means the OneCoin value is increasing.

Today in Sofia our caption Simon Le and KJ are taking a meeting with the global managers. Very interesting outcomes like exchange and roadmap will come out. Let’s wait for the final outcomes.

Some bun life members are leaving the company and spreading false rumors about it. The company has given an important message to all of them.

The company can seize the mined cryptocurrency through free tokens provided with the education package. The chances of this happening increase when one life member starts working in another cryptocurrency.

That is why it is clearly being said that as long as you are a member of One Life Company, you cannot work in any other crypto company.

23 New Entrepreneurs to DealShaker Business

OneLife News Update January

Second important OneLife news update of January 2020.

23 guests entrepreneurs to business breakfast, 17 decided to partner to Dealshaker to offer their products and services.

Housing, vehicles, technical service, footwear, clothes, restaurants, home furniture, agricultural machinery, and others.

Effectiveness 78 %, information is power Excellent work team of grass proud of you.



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