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OneLife Education The Key of Success # Digital Currency



OneLife Education
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OneLife education is an unbelievable source of digital currency knowledge. It teaches us a complete financial system, blockchain technology, forex trading, risk management, etc.

We follow learning is the key to earning. The more you will learn the more you will earn. OneLife education daring you to teach how cryptocurrency works, how to price increase over time, and to trade for the future.

Actually, first of all, we need to understand the fundamentals of digital or virtual currency. So what is a digital or virtual currency like ONECoin or Bitcoin?

What Is Virtual Currency & Why We Need it?

A currency that we can use through the Internet and for that we do not need to do any physical transaction is called digital currency.

Suppose you want to spend $ 10,000 on a friend in the US. So to do this you have two options available, the first one is the Conventional method.

In this, you will either go to your friend with $ 10000 or ask someone else to do so. You may also have to use a bank for this, which is a slightly advanced process.

But these processes have many disadvantages:

  • Take a Long Time
  • Required 3rd party
  • Take more transaction charge
  • Unsafe risk of hacking or theft
  • Very risky process

Or You may select the digital Currency option Like OneCoin or another stable currency. These processes have multiple advantages over the conventional banking process.

Advantages of Digital Currency

  • Fast transaction
  • No third party required
  • Transaction Charges are equal to zero.
  • No-Risk of hacking and theft
  • Safe and Secure transaction

Friends, I hope you have by now understood why we need digital currency. And you must have fully understood the importance of digital currency in our lives.

Now we talk about why education is important and why we have to increase our learning to enhance our earning.

Reason Of Bitcoin Failure [No Learning]

Bitcoin was a very good start but still, bitcoin is not used as a remittance. Bitcoin is illegal in many countries like India. Likewise, Bitcoin have many drawbacks and we see its involvement in many illegal activities like terror funding, smuggling, donation, and weapons deal.

The main reason for not using bitcoin as remittance is the uncertainty of its price. They don’t have any solid stability reasons like direct usability, global merchants, and also unawareness of cryptocurrency.

OneLife Education is OneCoin Mission

While someone purchases a OneLife education package he/she gets 1800 minutes lectures from qualified lecturers. After completing the education candidate have to take a test and after completing that test he/she become a certified member.

In these educational videos, we get complete information about Financial Education and Money Management. We do practice with our cryptocurrency education.

You must have often noticed that bitcoin owners never teach you mining. But where you get free promotional talking with the educational package.

These tokens are used for mining and after mining we receive ONEs. This is a fully practical system.

OneLife Education Main Reason Of OneCoin Success

Today OneCoin has more than 3.5 million global users and more than 1 million registered DealShaker merchants. OneLife education is the main promotional product of ONE Ecosystem.

Education is the reason why people have understood OneCoin so much. And in all these cases, OneCoin is already number one.

The founder of OneCoin is Dr. Ruja Ignatova and she is a great lady with law and finance background. She has worked as a risk management authority for Europian Financial System And Banking System.

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She knows the challenges and that’s by deciding to make a complete ecosystem. OneCoin is only a part of the whole ONE ecosystem.