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OneLife Core Team Updates After Sofia Meeting 2020



OneLife Core Team Updates
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Hi! Welcome to OneLife core team updates for the upcoming 2020, plans. Everything is interesting for our development.

Here’s a look at what was discussed at yesterday’s meeting. Also, Now there are new core teams to which leaders report.

OneLife Core Team Updates

Core teams are responsible for:

  • King Jayms – responsible for the OneLife Network and the OneLife Core Group.
  • Simon Le – in charge of OneForex.
  • Fred Fox – in charge of DealShaker.
  • Muhammad Adeel – Responsible for the Legal, Compliance, Media and Communication teams.

These groups have their own working groups. No more team names like Onelife Dream Team, One Concept, etc. will use anymore. Instead, teams are called by country. Exg OneLife UK, OneLife Vietnam, OneLife Pakistan, etc.

Country franchisees are now called Country Managers. Also, This helps to eliminate the strict legal requirements that franchisees have to comply with within different countries.

By January 12, DS Country Leaders have provided a report on the number of registered merchants, trades and DS transactions. Also, In their area of responsibility, an action plan, and a three-year forecast of the region’s development.

The prospective candidate may provide the same information for open countries. Likewise, the DealShaker Executive Committee sends the reports to the captain. Who discusses and updates the information with the company, which will decide on the franchisee’s future results.

New slides are being produced for the OneLife Network. To market OneLife and launch a home-based online business. The material emphasizes that we are a global company. Likewise, the map shows the total number of countries.

OneLife Core Team Updates For Mission

It incorporates OneLife’s mission:

OneLife enables the global online user community to actively participate in the development. Likewise, the use of new high-tech and digital products and services. The aim is to improve the quality of life of its members. Also, Provide alternative and equitable access to practical and relevant economic education for people worldwide.

Ignites the natural evolution of education, creates opportunities for economic growth and creates new markets. Within the performance, people are encouraged to study with us for at least a year. These slides will soon be available to members via back office and all share the same presentation worldwide.

On a country-by-country basis, you are requested to inform and update the OneLife Core Team. On a weekly 90-day business presentation date.

The ONE ONE ECOSYSTEM International Event is on its way. Also, All members want to participate and should be marketed in all groups.

NewLife Package Updates

The new packages have launched on January 18, 2012. These are Newlife and Newlife plus packages.

The Newlife Package includes 140 € + 5500 € + 7500 € training packages, five splits, auto mining. And all splits at once.

The Newlife plus package consists of 140 € + 5500 € + 13750 €, six splits, auto mining. And all splits at once.

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So, this is a great achievement. All are doing best. Focus on development. The bright future is waiting for us. See results in the next 90 days. Follow our website for updates. With simple language and feedback. We are happy to help. Thank you, everyone.