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OneForex Trading

Hello, friends today we will discuss OneForex trading in detail. We will cover what is OneForex trading, how to start, And how it is different from ordinary stock.

So before going forward for OneForex Trading, let’s understand the difference between the trading and forex trading.


Trading is a process where merchants buy and sell products. Let’s understand with a very simple example of vegetable selling. A vegetable seller buys vegetables from the farmer and sell them into the market and earn some profit.

So this buying and selling system is called trading.

Similar things happen with the stock market. Suppose someone has taken the license of trading and develop a platform where buyers and sellers come together and perform buying selling.

In the case of the stock market, companies listed on BSC or NSC offer their shares for investors. And Investors purchase these shares and sell on a price surge.

What Is Forex Trading

Friends, as we sell products and services in our local market similarly international currencies, are sold and purchased in the international market. And friends such king of international currency trading is called forex trading.

Now you may be thinking that the topic was OneForex Trading and you are telling about forex trading.

So, friends, it is compulsory to go through trading and forex trading for completely understanding the trading process.

And I think a basic overview of forex trading is clear. Friends we have to sell or purchase currencies. Suppose you are going to Canada. Then you can not spend your day with Indian currency in Canada.

For purchasing your necessary goods and services you required Canadian Doller. So for purchasing Canadian Doller, you have to go to the bank or any nearby broker who can arrange Canadian Doller for you in exchange for Indian INR.

Friends instead of this local conversion you can trade your currency on an International platform. This platform is called Forex Trading.

There are so many companies that provide forex Crypto and currency Trading like OneForex Trading

Top 10 Forex Trading Platform

1. IG Forex
2. XTB
4. Pepperstone
5. Oanda
6. XM MT4 For Window
7. XM MT4 For Mac
8. XM MT5 For Window
9. XM MT5 For Mac
10. MT5 Web Trader

What is OneForex Trading

OneForex Trading platform is an international currency exchange platform that is offered by OneLife company.

Friends Forex Trading platform is gaining more attention worldwide. Because OneLife company has a huge 3.5+ million userbase.

All people have OneCoin and most interesting thing is that we can open a Demate Account with OneCoin Account balance for OneForex Trading.

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