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OneCoin Live Broadcasting of “Kim Cuong” {One 4 All}



OneCoin Dr. Ruja Ignatova
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Live broadcast of Kim Cuong regarding current OneCoin OneLife issues with detail analysis.

I’ve already prepared a lot of ideas, but now it’s still difficult to express everything I want to say in this share.

It looks like all the emotions dedicated to every post. If you share your thoughts in a live stream, you will not be able to express all the thoughts and feelings of the brain.

So I want to synthesize the last live stream with a more objective and informative perspective and answer the questions you asked tonight.

1) They do a survey like a page written by

Is it true that you closed

Ladies and gentlemen, the domain name has been registered in San Francisco, California, the USA since 2002. However, it did not operate until 2014.

Great woman breasts in 1980 From then on the domain name still works well. Nevertheless, perhaps you already forgot, in 2016, we will gradually transfer measures from onecoin.EU using a new domain name called Onelife.EU (domain name registered in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2015 Have been).

And we were interested and changed the login status to, we could not log in to the page until a few days ago. As a result, many members say, not only because of the disconnection, “Onecoin’s default website is already down and DNS records are being investigated.

( or Onecoin’s default website. Closing, Death Bell for Ponzi Organization ( This makes no sense! They do not know that the domain name has 17 years from the time of registration, and a very long number comes from the idea of ​​genius.

Perhaps they do not know that there are currently more than 10 websites in Onelife Cooperation and is just one of them. All major items are coming soon,,, and onecoin exchange, but is also an element of these items.

And recently he was clear when he returned to being. has not been hacked and is not closed for investigation by the government, but there are people who retreat because of greed affecting the company’s IoT.

Now the company has solved the problem and gradually overcame the cause. Therefore, you must be sure of this.

2) Has the Bulgarian Sofia office been closed?

Unfounded rumors resulted from the employee’s image filing and attributed the confiscation of the crime for investigation.

Recently, the Sofia office is being renovated and refreshed with more modem equipment. Therefore, the employee temporarily moves to another place. Funny instead!

3) Is Onecoin or more precisely Onelife swindle?

The answer is mentioned in many articles, of which “long-lasting legal battle” ( lv-Truong-kv.html F) more important. The thing is that you have to try to reverse the problem.

  • Are there any fraudulent companies or companies that exist for more than five years?
  • Likewise, Are there any fraudulent organizations that have passed more than 180 investigations because of personal accusations and allegations?
  • Are there any scams that cause Dealshaker events around the world?

According to the misrepresentation, production or defamation of the website, has OneCoin been the biggest scam so far, has Ruja taken over $ 4 billion or has taken over $ 19 billion?

If so, all systems are frozen, all assets are sealed, and documents are confiscated, leaving government out of power. Of course, the event should end immediately. And Ruja cannot escape the legal sanctuary of the authorities.

The infamous terrorist Osama Bin Laden was also killed in the secret room of his mansion. In other words, Onelife-Onecoin-Dealshaker is still shared, still developed everywhere.

And the office, as well as the system, still works well. However, Onecoin is still marked as fraud by hostile forces. pain!

If you stand in the middle between fraud or fraud rather than fraud, it’s fragile. There have still been many projects for real life in the last few years.

But on the exchanges drowned and even fell many times compared to the time of the ICO issue.

Not to mention the project disappearing into nothing. Is this considered a scam? The last thing I want to say is to believe in the way you came and chose, that is, Onelife.

4) Does Onecoin have a blockchain?

Before respondent this question, “How a lot of will it value to make a blockchain?”

Answer the question Just tens of thousands of dollars, we already own a fairly modern blockchain. Who can get the ICO by selling tokens for the project?

Anyone, any company, can register their business in a country that has a clear law or legal framework for ICOs. This story has been seen in the “ ICO season ” since 2017.

Several ICO projects appear and many are subject to ICO mobilization to implement the project strategy. And how many projects do you really have today?

Returning to the question, with the tremendous revenue from the traders and the academy, we have enough power to write a super modem blockchain.

Known as one of the most knowledgeable blockchain experts in the world, Marcelo Garia Castle has all created Onecoin blockchain.

We also hired Semper Fortis, an independent audit company that is part of Morison International, to audit Onecoin’s monthly blockchain.

Finally, in over 180 surveys, we found it full of mediocre and technical. It is strong evidence of any claim and affirmation.

5) How many blockchains does Onecoin have?

How does it work?

Very interesting question! This topic is shared by Kim Cuong in an independent article on the blockchain overview. But I will send you some messages.

Since October 1, 2016, the group has replaced the existing blockchain technology with a mining rate of about 1,440,000 won or about 1,000 won per minute to move to the new platform.

With the new technology, an average of 50000 onecoins / minute means 72 million onecoins / day. Due to this mining speed, the coin chains do not seem to match. We also use blockchain on to exchange goods.

This is an unprecedented app. The place that only had cyber miles disappeared later but did not penetrate.

After the exchange, we will use blockchain technology in OneForex exchange or connect One Remittance, a global remittance service, to further enhance our unique technology.

What Ripple has been doing for a long time. After all, the transaction processing speed of the Onecoin blockchain is faster than the combined master and visa cards.

The Bitcoin blockchain can handle an average of 3-7 transactions per second, Ether can handle an average of 15 transactions per second, and Visa can process 24000 transactions.

From there we can self-assess or have an objective view of what Onecoin’s blockchain is.

6) Does Onecoin launder money like online rumors?

Dear friends! Is Onecoin still being exchanged? If coins are being exchanged and traded, they may be due to fiat currency. At that time we only talked about the so-called money laundering.

This is because there are individuals or organizations that use Onecoin as a malicious plan, but money laundering Mark Scott may be reassigned to the wrong place from the start.

This is because from the start, we’ve put KYC (Know Your Customer) or KYB (Know Your Business) on Onecoin on the platform.

Not to mention that we have complied with AML (Anti-money laundering) through centralized blockchain and monthly transparent audits of independent audit companies.

It strongly confirms Onecoin’s righteous value over the years and meets all of the strictest legal standards and standards associated with the government.

Therefore, the groundless rumors above have a serious impact on the image and brand of Onelife-Onecoin. Perhaps China arrests 119 suspects in connection with Onecoin on May 17, 2018, or is involved in various people in Belgium, Switzerland, and India.

Than in the company. Perhaps propaganda and sharing that goes against company policy can lead to this misfortune. All the above values replace thousands of words for Onecoin.

7) Why did passionate leaders share in the past?

Yes! It is a general rule for every company or group from start to success. I always leave and stay. When the company is stuck?

There are people who turn their heels on, but there are still many who are willing to devote themselves to ultimate success. That’s what I shared in the article «Who goes and who stays» (https: // o / ke-ra-di-nuuoi-o-lai.html).

To read. Those who left the betrayal were deprived of their position and their accounts seized. People who have left other projects will return to Onecoin as soon as the exchange starts due to their account.

Apparently they forgot where the value of the coins comes from? Obviously they do not remember the myriad of members who dominate the Onelife project without a large community and competitors.

It’s a serious mistake, probably because of the illusion of illusion and profit. But instead of having to let the entire community win to show that this project is a humanity project.

They choose the path of money even if they don’t know that they get less than losing money when they reject another project. Among them, investors are bitter.

8) Does Oneforex really be needed for all members?

OneForex is a very powerful strategy in the Onelife ecosystem. As soon as Onecoin is available, it will be integrated into the Onecoin exchange. Forex is a potential and fertile market.

The average daily trading volume is about $ 500 billion, 20 times higher than the US stock market and 15 times higher than the US bond market. That number is on the financial market Desire.

This explains why we connect with Forex. Go to 20% ($ 100 billion) on how much revenue and revenue the Onecoin Exchange will earn.

Of course, this strategy card helps the company improve the value and brand of Onecoin. Will use. Does everyone need to know about Oneforex? The answer is not necessary.

Forex is not easy to join and requires knowledge and experience of years of technology. There are many people in the financial sector who have about 10 years of experience, but they lose as usual when trading.

If you feel competent, just join the game. Perhaps you can get income from that segment. And there’s no need to learn it for people who aren’t good at technology or who want to transfer coins to Fiat and buy and sell traders.

9) Are We Onelife Members-Onecoin or Onecoin Are you an investor?

We are often confused with the concept. People who purchase training packages from One Academy are called Onelife members.

We simply go to school in a financial education program.
Since the Dubai 2018 event in September 2018, Onelife has registered to issue tokens to increase their ICO, and of course, after registering, they must comply with the ICO laws of many countries where there are laws.

Participants who purchase OFC packages during the ICO are called Onecoin investors. What’s the difference? It’s totally different. First, from the point of view of the law.

The company is responsible for a larger investor than Onelife members. Secondly, when they are new to the exchange, they will transfer before the course members.

10) Instructions on how to find your product on

Here are some hints.
Example 1: I want to find 100% Onecoin products.

  • Enter “100% Onecoin” within the empty box “search here”.

Example 2: Find a product sold in Vietnam.

  • Also, enter “Vietnam” or “Vietnam” or “Vietnam” within the “Search here” box.

Example 3: Find a specific product in a specific country Enter “car” in the search box, such as Car.

11) When will the Onecoin exchange begin?

This is a legitimate question that everyone wants to know. But to answer the correct answer, even Sinom or Ms. Mai Loan can’t know exactly because all the strategies are still in the secret.

But we have some claims to argue that Onecoin will be released in 2020 (probably January 2020). This argument will be covered in this article. Please wait for me!

12) When did merchants move to the shop?

Of course, as soon as Onecoin is exchanged. Sellers are partially transferred from coins collected during the exchange of goods and services on

Here we mean only true traders, which means that traders build shops to exchange the exact value of coins. For sellers with the purpose of remittance or cheating, the company can not surpass the company.

Is it simply enough to know whether the number of each transaction is a real seller or not? Of course, these merchants are not transferable.

Looking back at this issue, many senior leaders still do not have an objective view and do not seem to acknowledge the status of the current deal negotiators.

Somewhere, many traders must create Onecoin value at the expense of some of the cash in the store. Onecoin has not yet been transferred.

Nevertheless, in the spirit of dedication, we quietly thank you for creating a vibrant market, promoting merchants and facilitating contractor development.

There are many businesses that they want to connect to a deal, but they need to know that Onecoin actually comes in. This is what confuses everyone.

13) Trading guide on the exchange?

Rest assured, Onecoin is designed for the masses, so every trade is much simpler than a coin. And there are videos or articles to guide you. In addition, there are training sessions and support so that everyone knows how to trade and withdraw money in their pockets.

14) There is no clear law or legal system on cryptocurrency Can I operate Onecoin Exchange in a country?

Please rest assured that the company prepared. Remember we have good deal negotiators. There are no laws or restrictions in the country yet, but you must accept e-commerce. So we’ll be dealing with deals.
Those countries agree that we go straight to the exchange.

15) KYC situation handling

This topic is not new but in the last few years,
I’m suffering from this topic. Perhaps to help you, I wrote a complete article about all the events that took place at KYC.

16) What do you do after the exchange?

It depends on the individual.
But health and beauty are two important things. When it comes to health, you can use breakthrough technologies in Riway stem cell products, technology, and medicine. When it comes to beauty, you can use the world’s best art brands.
I am happy to distribute it to all of you.

17) What does Gmail mean in Onelife?

All very important!
First, it helps to protect sibling accounts in case of hacking. You can send a letter to the company and request mediation.

Second, if you forget password 1 or change password 1 Password 2. You can send the information back to Gmail.

Third, I want to move my coins to trade after entering the exchange. At that time, Onelife sends a 6-digit verification code to Gmail. 6 digits must be entered in the required fields.

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