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OneCoin Will Launch Novel News 2020



OneCoin will launch
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OneCoin Will Launch: Dear friends for the last five years everyone is waiting for a onecoin exchange launch. But in the end, they find nothing.

Some people have made misconceptions about onecoin, they feel that now it will never launch. But the reality is something else that we are going to introduce you to today.

After understanding these facts, you will absolutely deny that OneCoin is completely useless. After reading this article, you will gain confidence in One Koin and you will start thinking positively about it.

List of OneCoin Will Launch Features

  1. Largest Cryptocurrency
  2. Huge merchant base
  3. Own eCommerce platform.
  4. Direct usability
  5. Largest blockchain feature
  6. Online Blockchain KYC

1. Largest Cryptocurrency

No one can ignore that today, OneCoin cryptocurrency has the highest number of merchants and members in the world.

It has also made a successful reach in countries where bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are considered illegal.

2. Huge merchant base

In today’s world, if there is any cryptocurrency with the highest number of registered merchants in the world, then it is One Coin cryptocurrency.

In countries like India and China where cryptocurrency has been completely banned, we can use it to buy products.

This in itself is a very big thing.

3. Own eCommerce platform.

None of the cryptocurrencies known so far have their own eCommerce platform. OneCoin is the only cryptocurrency that has its own commerce platform where we can buy products and services using our OneCoin.

We know this eCommerce platform as

4. Direct usability.

Here we can use our OneCoin directly, for this we do not need any exchange. In today’s time, everything is available on the DealShakher platform.

5. Largest blockchain feature.

Of all the cryptocurrencies known so far, OneCoin’s blockchain is the fastest and secure. There is no risk of hacking here as it is a centralized blockchain.

To enter this blockchain, we have to enter our personal details, on the basis of which any hacker can be caught.

6. Online Blockchain KYC

The OneCoin cryptocurrency blockchain also has a KYC facility by which the KYC document of the candidate is saved in the blockchain itself.

Blockchain being a KYC, it cannot be used for smuggling and other criminal functions. If someone uses it for smuggling and terror funding, it can be tracked with great ease.

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