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OneCoin Vs Cryptocurrencies | [Comprehensive Research]



OneCoin Vs Cryptocurrencies
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Today We will OneCoin Vs Cryptocurrencies comparison along with OneCoin uniqueness and secret formulas. We will see the advantages, exchange and education importance in this complete session.

What makes OneCoin unique compared to other cryptocurrencies?

When you go to websites like CoinMarketsCap or whatever, you will see that there is a lot of cryptocurrencies out there!

No one can say how much, actually, it can be 1500 or 1800!

We just don’t know, so in my opinion, there can be three or four really big ones trying to be big, trying to find a niche, and trying to get some work done.

Surely bitcoin is one of the big ones, it is the most liquid cryptocurrency out there.

Most people who talk about cryptocurrency;  trade these coins and do things with that money.  Bitcoin has a lot of good things, it’s a pioneer!  No Bitcoin, no Blockchain, no idea … We’ll all be here.  But a few things are one thing, bitcoin is not money for everyone, it has its usual use and it is real money for some people but not for the masses.  For example, it attracts a lot of people who are more speculators because the price pretty much goes up and down.

A lot of people who are involved in multiple transactions are interested, but transactions mean transferring money.  So, I sent money from India to Germany and a lot of people in the IT sector are doing it, and the third would say the big party that was interested in it were the people who were interested in the reasons for anonymous transactions.

OneCoin Vs Cryptocurrencies Privacy Issue

So, as much as we all have some privacy needs, and we all do it because the world is becoming more transparent, we also need to stick to some rules, unfortunately or fortunately we don’t know, because so much has happened in the last years after the creation of Bitcoin, like terrorism and  you know drugs and all that stuff that is hard to manage.

Bitcoin had very interesting ideas, but it was not a mass-market cryptocurrency and I thought if you simplify cryptocurrencies so everyone understands it.  It could actually become something like Facebook, something like uber.  uber is also a very interesting company that is controversial, you know they have changed the way we live, the way we use transportation and that is changing the world of payment and finance.

OneCoin Vs Cryptocurrencies Mass Market Adoption

I think there is still no money targeting the mass market and I believe this is the case because the cryptocurrency community is a bit arrogant.  These are certainly very knowledgeable people, very smart guys, most of them with a very heavy IT background, a lot of them also believe in this theory of communism, but we should give something to the public, we should share it all and see what happens.

Nothing wrong with this, but if you put something out there and give it to people for free, you have no money to invest in infrastructure, you have no money to invest in a brand and you somehow have to trust it, that it will move in the right direction.

So I certainly can’t invest in events like us, I can’t invest in education, I can’t invest in strategy …( This is purely advantageous for OneCoin Vs Other Crypto.

So I think what is unique about OneCoin is the one point;  We are targeting the mass market, we try to make cryptocurrency as simple as possible, we try to connect it with education and we try to be accessible to everyone.  Make mining very easy, use very easy.

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The other thing that I believe is unique in that we are very global, so we have always tried to create a currency that is present on all continents.  This is not an easy task, because sometimes it is much easier to be on one continent, for example in Europe where people are very sophisticated where they understand it or in China where people also like a lot of cryptocurrencies.

But we still believe from the beginning, if we want to be the future of payments if we want to do transactions!  We also need to be in Africa, India, and Latin America, so that is very important to us.

The third thing that I believe is very important is;  We are one of the few cryptocurrencies that focus on usage, I don’t think of using Blockchain as another like Ethereum… but I do mean using people!

  Because Cryptocurrency itself has no real value, it’s just an algorithm, it’s just a digital number that you have unless you put something behind something that may be a brand, or something may also be us.

Let’s see the ability of OneCoin Vs Cryptocurrencies in brief detail.

Our Ability (Why Our Blockchain is So Fast?)

OneCoin Vs Cryptocurrencies centralized-vs-decentralized-cryptocurrency-exchange

What we want to do with OneCoin is that we would like to be the first choice for merchants, we want to create something like PayPal that would say very simple but in the world of cryptocurrency.

And we know how easy PayPal is for you, just press a button and send merchant A to B money for the merchant, it’s quite expensive, but it’s very simple.

That’s why we decided to make a very fast Blockchain!

So, it spends every minute on average;  this means that every 30 seconds your transaction becomes approved.  I believe it is also something very unique.

I have not seen any cryptocurrency strategy focus on traders.  Most are cryptocurrency speculators and whenever you have high volatility it means that the price is rising and falling fast and fast, bad for you as traders.

OneCoin has the power to change the world!

Many non-bankers already have smartphones that can be fully utilized to manage OneCoin accounts and make local and online purchases.

This is evidenced by the fact that at current prices you can buy real estate, accommodation, food, cars, vacations, etc.

Follow the path marked for us by dr.  Ruja.  And we continue to build that dream with more power than ever … We are so close to our goal and all this is possible thanks to her vision. Also, thank her for this beautiful world of OneCoin Vs Cryptocurrencies.