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OneCoin Vision With Full Concept Policy & Exchange



OneCoin Vision And Mission
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Hi, today I want to share OneCoin Vision with full information on policy, concept and exchange launch criteria.

I am grateful to be a part of the ONELIFE community,
And one person together with the ECOSYSTEM of ONECOIN Company accepts the entire vision of this community.

I hope you will always share a lot about this vision based on One ACADEMY here:

What is the concept of cryptocurrency?

OneCoin vision follows the cryptocurrency concept. Likewise, the concept of cryptocurrency is:

• It is to be used;
• It is not to be sold.


We all know that Fiat currency has inflation because:

• It is not finite;
• Governments can print as much as they want.

Therefore, between 2000 and 2016, all major currencies declined by about 80%.

On the other hand, cryptocurrency has no inflation because [OneCoin Vision]

• It is finite (the number of coins for the formula used is fixed. Once the number of coins is mined, no more coins can be produced).

OneCoin Vision & Policy

Over time, fiat currency declines in value, while cryptocurrency appreciates in value, seen by bitcoin since its inception.

We used Fiat Currency to buy the package, which gave us One Cryptocurrency. It would be a tragedy to sell the forest for fiat currency and to account for the decline in our wealth through inflation.

What would be the best policy?

The best policy would be to use the number of one whenever needed and hold the rest, as its value will increase over time due to an increase in usability.

Then why are people crying for an exchange?

There is a need to educate our members on coming to the exchange. Many people do not even know which exchange they want, whether it is a stock exchange or coin exchange. The difference between the two is in the name; One works with stocks (shares) and the other with coins.

Do we sell our national currencies in the countries in which we live?

The answer is definitely no because we can buy anything with currency. So there is no need to sell. If we can buy anything with anyone, there will be no need to sell the coin.

Why do we need a coin exchange? OneCoin Vision!!

It is currently required for convenience:

• Traders who have accepted 100% forest. They want to set aside (cash out) their coins to replenish the items sold for the coins;

• Members of the public to acquire one and increase its utility as well as strengthen its stability;

• Through the acquisition of many cryptocurrencies the public and members alike to diversify their portfolios, using either fiat currencies or cryptocurrency.

• OneLife members to sell some of their coins to discharge their debt, whether it is from an individual or a bank.

OneCoin Vision

We have merchants who accept one, but we do not have wholesalers; Importers and manufacturers accept whichever one. If we did, there would be no need for traders to withdraw cash, as they would be able to use the forest with wholesalers, with importers, and with manufacturers. And manufacturers could use One to pay their employees, who would be able to use crypto (cryptocurrency) to fulfill all their requirements using the coin.

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However, most of the members are publicly waiting for the arrival of the forest, so they can liquidate (sell). This is due to a lack of knowledge.

Therefore, smart people will use one of their own to meet their needs and hold on to the rest.