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!!OneCoin Usability!! Amazing Exchange Aug 2019



OneCoin Usability Befors Exchange Launch

Hello friends today I will discuss some important points regarding OneCoin Usability befors onecoin exchange launch.

Actually everyone is curiously looking for the final date of OneCoin launch but befre this we want to share some usefulf points regarding Onecoin usability.

So if you are planning to convert your OneCoin cryptocurrency into fiat then these are the best legal methods of OneCoin usabilit.

You can use OneCoin for buying OneCoin Education packeg, One Forex Package and One Academy package. OneCoin cryptocurrency can be used on Dealshaker e-commerce platform for purchasing Products and services. 

So toay we will see all these points for using our OneCoin cryptocurrency and also I will share the secret how we can convert our ONE currency into fiat.

1. OneCoin Usability For Education And Forex Trading

Dear friends till now ONE coin was consider an imaginary coin because OneLife itself dosen’t accept it. But now this this thought has been proven wrong.

Now OneCoin cryptocurrency can be used on OneEcosystem. Each member can buy education package, OneForex Package and OneAcademy package with OneCoin cryptocurrency.

OneCoin Usability

OneCoin company is now accepting its own coin for OneLife products. SO it increase the trust of customers within the OneEcosystem.

How We Can Convert OneCoin into fiat With OneLife

Friends If you are an IMA then definetly you are promoting OneLife education in your reason. Suppose you are going to hire a new IMA then you have burchase a Gift code from company.

Friends now you can buy that gift code with your OneCoin account and you will get the fiat currency reward from the OneLife System.

And friends you will get the current exchange rate like 29.95 EURo or what will be the rate on that particular day.

2. OneCoin Usability on Dealshaker E-Commerce Platform

Dear friends Before OneCoin exchange launch people can use their OneCoin cryptocurrency on DealShaker platform. Where OneLife members can purchase all thype of Goods and services with OneCoin cryptocurrency.

Friends if you want to buy home, car, land, bike, clothes, foods, kitchen item, beauty product and any other required good and service can be purchased from Dealshaker with OneCoin cryptocurrency.

And we should never forget that our great merchant team is selling goods and services on DealShaker since a long time. Likewise they will be more active because atlast we got One Option to exchange our ONE into fiat.

How We Can Convert OneCoin into fiat From DealShaker

Suppose you are the owner of a Hotel. Then creat deal of room rent on DealShaker platform. Soon you will get some guest willing to stay in your hotel.

Offer them ONE payment option and they will redeem the coupan. But if they are not OneLife member then introduce OneLife for them.

And open their OneCoin account with your OneCoin account balance and then tell them the process to redeem the coupan with OneCoin and then you can get the exact reward of your OneCoin cryptocurency.

So this method will also enhance the OneCoin usability and This method will be more beneficial for you. Becaue you will get double benefit and because of this profit you can offer some discount to your client.



So here we see multiple ways for OneCoin usability before exchange launch. So friends these all methods are very simple for OneCoin conversion.

If OneLife members will contribute their efforts to the system then they can earn a huge revenue wwith their hard work.

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