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OneCoin Story Can Prove It’s Reality & Believes



OneCoin Story: These points will improve your trust and believes in ONE Ecosystem. Here I am going to give you some examples that will prove 100% that OneCoin Cryptocurrency is a genuine and legal project.


1 STORY 01:

Only someone who dares to dream can make their dreams come true
There was a young man at 21 who failed to do business, when he was 22 years old in the parliament failed, at 24 years old, his business failed, at 26 years old, his lover died, at 27 years old, he felt desperate for life.

At 34 years of age, parliamentary competition failed again, at 36 years old, it was still parliamentary competition failed, at 45 years old still failed, at 47 years old applied for vice president not elected, at 49 years old, not elected again, at 52 years old, elected president of the United States for the 16th term.

This man is Lincoln because he firmly believes that only God is backing away, not rejecting his request. So, he always tried his best to persevere and he finally succeeded.

👉Comment: It is possible to allow a person to fail several times, even fail several times at the same job, but not allow it because many times fail at the same thing and abandon it. Therefore, only people who persevere in their dreams will have the opportunity to make it happen.

OneCoin STORY 2:

To succeed, must take risks
Someone asked a farmer: “Do you grow wheat?”. The farmer replied, “No, I’m afraid it won’t rain.”

The other asked the farmer: “So do you plant cotton?”. The farmer replied, “No, I’m afraid ants will spare all the seeds.”
Upon hearing this, the man asked, “So, what do you plant?”. The farmer replied, “I don’t plant anything, I have to be absolutely safe to do it.”

👉Comments: Dare to take risks is also an indispensable condition of successful people. Dare to think that if you dare to do it, you will have a chance to succeed. People sometimes fear danger and stay away from adventure, but do not know that it has made themselves lose opportunities and put them in danger.

OneCoin STORY 3:

Learn how to mature and face turbulent weather
There is a fragile little flower growing on a tall conifer tree, the tiny flower is extremely happy because it is protected by the conifer, shielding the wind from the rain to make it live every day without worry.

One day, suddenly a group of workers came, and soon they cut down this huge tree and took it away.

The little flower was so heartbroken, she cried and said, “Without a cedar tree to protect, I know how to live? How heavy rain and wind will I have to do? They will kill this small body.” mine only “

Hearing the little flower cry, a tree far away comforted it: “Don’t think so, losing that protection, you can receive sunlight, receive raindrops, like that will make you stronger, people will see your radiant beauty. After they see you, I will admire you, “the flower is so beautiful!”, you say if you are happy. “
Small flower heard, smiling happily.

👉Comment: People also need to learn maturity, need to be separated from the protection of parents and families, learn to accept things. You should know, a person who goes through all kinds of challenges will be able to become a strong person. Did not experience the rain and wind, why see the rainbow! It is this ethic.

OneCoin Story 4:

Success, 99% is due to effort
There used to be a very intelligent boy, but because he lived in long praise, he gradually became lazy, he wanted to use his intelligence to profit without having to work.
One day, he was fortunate to talk to God.

👉Comments: Without diligence, it is impossible to create a genius, Edison once said: “Genius is due to 1% of innate, 99% of effort.” Only constant effort can achieve what they want. In this world, no meal is free, even if it is in Heaven.

Theory 5:

Know how to work together to survive
In the past, there were two people who were facing hunger and had nothing to eat and were in danger when they met a fisherman who went fishing. The fisherman felt so compassionate for two of the fish he caught and the fishing rod. The two of them, one chose a fishing basket, one chose a fishing rod.

The person who chose the fish basket immediately brought the fish to eat on the spot, after eating all of the fish, soon after he also starved to death because of all the fish to eat.

And the other person, after getting a fishing rod, went to the river to go fishing, but not yet arrived, exhausted from hunger, lying dead by the river.

👉Comment: People can only exist and develop when they work together to support each other. When working together, they can compensate for each other’s shortcomings, neutralizing all dangers in life. When entering society, the first thing to learn is how to cooperate for survival.

Theory 6:

The time everyone has is the same, success – failure is your own choice!
Three workers were building a wall, a passerby asked, “What are you doing?”

The first one answered, “Can’t you see? Build a wall, do nothing else!”
The second person answered, “We are building a building.”
The third one answered: “We are building a new city”.

Result from 10 years later: The first person is building another wall in a new building; the second person who is a construction engineer is sitting in the building design office; the third is the boss of the other two.

OneCoin Story 👉Comments:

They are all three people working on the same job, but different moods will determine their position differently. The person who does not stop winning himself will not stop rising.

Maintaining a positive attitude will determine the quality of your future life. The more optimistic the person, the healthier the body, the more refreshed the spirit, and the higher the quality of life.

We each have the same 24 hours each day, but successful people are the ones who arrange the time we need, the losers are the ones who always say “no time”. This world is always fair, successful or defeated by his own choice ”

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