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OneCoin Roadmap 21 August Special Announcement



OneCoin Roadmap 21 August

Friends in this article we will share some special information about OneCoin Roadmap 21 August 2020.

The time of 21 to 23 August is very important because some historical announcements are going to happen during this time period.

Most of us await the new road map of OneCoin cryptocurrency. Everyone wants to know how the company is doing its preparation and when we will get specific information in the coming time.

The time from 21 to 23 August is a historic time in itself as some lucky draw has been arranged in it.

We will talk about the lucky draw later but we will tell you about the important points.

Due to all these events this day is called Legend of the ONE.

Legend of The Day Special Announcement

We are telling you in detail about all the important announcements that take place between 21 to 23 August.

1. OneCoin Roadmap 21 August

Within 21 to 23 August OneCoin OneLife company is going to announce its roadmap and plans for the next 2 years.

Through the road map, we will know at what time the exchange of this company will be launched and how we can use our OneCoin cryptocurrency.

Some Special Points

  • Marketing
  • Usability
  • Exchange
  • Trading
  • Banking System
  • Remittance

2. New DealShaker Launch Announcement

Friends, in order to use the ONE Cryptocurrency at the present time, we have to use the Dealshaker platform.

But to buy goods here, we need to be a member of one coin. This platform is not open to the common people due to which OneCoin Cryptocurrency is not able to fully expand its limits.

The launch of the New Deal Shakher platform will be announced from 21 to 23 August. After which ordinary people can also sell their product through one coin payment here.

Here we can make payment through one coin and fiat currency and can also use debit card or credit card of our bank for that.

We will be informed about all these in detail and we have seen a glimpse of it in the past. But believe me this new platform will be better than before.

3. Flat In Dubai & BMW X1 Prize With Euro 399 Price

The main and most important prize of this legend of the day is an amazing BMW X1 Drive luxury car and Flat in Dubai.

For winning this lucky draw You have to buy a coupon worth of 399 euro. Also 50% payment can be paid in fiat currency and 50% in OneCoin cryptocurrency.

Along with this, there are other important gifts which can be checked by visiting the company’s official website.

Here you will also be given multiple education packages as a gift, you just have to participate in the lucky draw to be held from August 21 to 23.

I am very excited about this, what is your opinion about this, please comment and tell me.

With this I say goodbye to you and will meet you with a new and new information till then thanks.

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