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OneCoin Price Will Never Drop Like CB Fiat & Crypto



OneCoin Price Will Never Drop
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Friends OneCoin price will never drop like the central bank’s fiat currency and all decentralized and centralized cryptocurrencies.

We are living in 2020 and to date, we have seen many ups and downs in both the fiat and crypto markets.

Each fiat currency like the US dollar, Euro, Yen, INR, etc have its own limitations. All these currencies are regulated by the central banks.

Suppose India wants to print some Indian currency then it is required to deposit the equal value amount gold. It is compulsory for maintaining the market value of any fiat currency.

If we forget this process for some time then the fiat currency is nothing else some specially printed paper. Actually central bank can release the desired amount.

This can cause serious inflation and recession in the fiat market and no one can deny it.

Similar could be with Bitcoin and altcoins. We have seen a sudden price fall and a price surge in the cryptocurrency market.

Nothing could be defined for upcoming days except for false expectations. Does nobody know what the price of bitcoin will be in the coming 10 days?

This is a type of gambling in which you can become rich as well as poor. But our one coin is completely different from all these.

OneCoin Price Will Never Drop

Like other cryptocurrencies, only 120 billion can be mined here. When this number is complete, after that you cannot mine it again.

Only 120 billion coins will remain in circulation all over the world. You cannot make them like the Central Bank printed fiat as needed.

Due to circulation all over the world, there will never be any drop in its price. While there is no stability in the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

This is because of no direct usability and their price can be surge and fall rapidly. But OneCoin is a merchant coin with direct usability on the DealShaker platform.

People can purchase goods and services with OneCoin cryptocurrency directly from the DealShaker platform. Slowly-2 Onecoin is reaching up to 1 million merchants worldwide.

As the number will increase OneCoin demand will increase and we all know supply is limited to 120 billion.

One day the whole world will use OneCoin for their daily requirements like food, shelter, clothes, travel, kitchen, business requirement. That day OneCoin demand will be on its an extreme point.

That will be our success point.

What Will Increase OneCoin Value?

Generally, it has seen that the value is determined by the brand, supply, and usability.

  1. Brand [Should be Trusted and Reliable]
  2. Supply [should be limited]
  3. Usability [Should be maximum]

Except for OneCoin, each available currency has some limitations. Bitcoin has a brand but no usability. It can’t be used by merchants because of price volatility.

No matter how much we are trying. Fiat currency cannot get out of inflation and recession.

Only OneCoin is the perfect currency for the future.

  • OneCoin has direct usability.
  • Supply is 120 billion coins.
  • No risk for inflation and recessions.
  • The price is stable.
  • Fastest Transaction.
  • Secure blockchain.
  • Low-cost transaction.
  • Controlled blockchain.

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