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OneCoin Pre Paid Debit Card !! Good News!! [ Info + FAQ ]



Hello today we will see OneCoin Pre Paid Debit Card complete and detailed information. Actually since last few days we are getting so many quaries regarding OneCoin Debit card. And so many related terms like ATM exchange etc.

So, we decide to clarify this issue for all OneLife members regarding this prepaid card.

We will clear who is issuing this card and who can buy and also how OneCoin can be used through this debit card.

Regarding Pre Paid Debit Card 💳
Important Information ℹ️

Disclaimer First

1: This Deal is from the Italian Merchant called Beesy24

2: This Deal is NOT from OneLife OneCoin or DealShaker.

3: OneLife Network, OneCoin & DealShaker Have no affiliation with the card issuer, card provider, Master or Visa card, or even with Beesy24.

4: OneLife or DealShaker take NO RESPONSIBILITY for third party contents. In case of any mishap so buyers/members are requested to do their due diligence before placing an order.

5: The €100 Euros Fee is for Empty card so do not assume that you will receive any balance once your card will arrive.

6: I as a group Admin and all other group admins here take NO responsibility. For any mishap may occur in the future financially or morally. Because of this deal and I do not provide any guaranteed return or promise any profit.

How to Order OneCoin Pre Paid Debit Card

€200 card fee for empty card.
€100 in cash and €100 in Coin (2.36)
Card will arrive in 10 weeks

OneCoin Pre Paid Debit Card
OneCoin Pre Paid Debit Card

To order you must visit Italian web
Here is the deal link

Click buy now and you will be directed to the main DealShaker website. And MUST REMEMBER that one person allow only one coupon.

But if you have family members over 18 years old then they can order separately.

Once you buy 1 coupon successfully then go back to this link again

Now go down and click on
Pay Now on BeEasy24

How to Pay For OneCoin Pre Paid Debit Card on

Now you will be directed to Merchant’s website and click on the cart 🛒. And new page will open where you will see total cost of the card shown as €100.

So click on conclude order or Pay now and then the new page will open where you will see 2/3 options.

Likewise, here you can register your self, enter first name and surname, and email address. Also, choose strong passwords and accept terms and conditions and click forward/Submit.

Now a new page will be open and here you add all your details. Including your address and select your country and select pay by card. Enter your debit or credit card details and select terms conditions and click process order.

Once you pay successfully take a screenshot of your successful payment and screenshot of your DealShaker coupon also. And email both photos to

You will receive an email from the card issuers within 2/3 weeks. With the link where you will create your account again and will upload your kyc documents.

Also, then within 4/5 weeks, you will receive your pre-paid debit card. Likewise, please remember It will be an empty card. Because the money you paid was for card-issuing fee with two years validity.

How To TopUp Prepaid Card

(According to Beesy24 company)
Once you receive your card then you will be able to top it up using your debit or credit card. And you can top up maximum €250 Euros per month

Then buy a coupon from DealShaker with 100% OneCoin. For up to the worth of €250 and send the proof again to

(According to Beesy24 Company)

Now they will send €250 Euros to your card. Which means you will have €500 in total to spend anywhere in the world online. Or in any store or supermarket. But You Can’t withdraw from ATM or use money transfer services.

This card will be for shopping only and you are only allowed to spend maximum €500 Euros per month.


Please note this deal is from the merchant called Beesy24. Also, it has no affiliation with OneLife or OneCoin or with DealShaker.

Likewise, the OneLife network or DealShaker or Admin of this group takes NO responsibility if anything goes wrong.

So, you are requested to do your due diligence. And if you are not satisfied then you don’t have to buy this deal. So do not process or promote.

FAQ Related To OneCoin Pre Paid Debit Card

Q. Is It The Official OneCoin Company Card?

Ans: No, it is not official OneCoin, OneLife or DealShaker card. It is a third party Debit card issued by the Beesy24 Itelian merchant.

Q. Is this card connected with OneLife account?

Ans: No this card is not connected with OneLife or OneCoin blockchain account. Only you can top up this card with 50% OneCoin after buying a coupon from the DealShaker merchant.

Q. Can we use 100% OneCoin TopUp with this card?

Ans: No, You can’t use 100% oneCoin with this card. For using this card we have to add 50% fiat money with our local bank debit card and rest 50% with DealShaker coupon.

Q. Can we withdrawl cash with this card from ATM machine?

Ans. No, this card can’t be used for withdrawing money from the ATM machine. This card can only be used for online shopping. With this card, we cannot withdraw money from any ATM in the world.

Q. Where we can use this Card for shopping?

Ans. You can use this card at any superstore all over the world. If you use Amazon, Flipkart, or any other shopping website, then you can use these websites from any corner of the world with OneCoin pre paid debit card payment.

Q. What is the validity period of this card?

Ans. This card comes with 2 years validity. If you want to use this card even after 2 years, then it will have to be renewed again.

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