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OneCoin Overview For Upcoming Exchange ⤜(ʘ_ʘ)⤏



Hello Leaders! today I am going to discuss a brief OneCoin Overview regarding legality and exchange in the post.

Good morning from London. Hope everyone is fine.

OneCoin Overview: Necessary Points

Few things I want to remind you which is very necessary :

✅We know that recently Our company is has gone through some troubling time and we all have seen how the company has passed the last 4 years & 3 months.

Almost 187 investigations with different governments have happened globally against Our OneCoin OneLife company, we are still standing and also continue giving our performance better than any other competitor in the world.

✅ In these 4 years, we have seen lots of company came & gone.

✅We won from the Supreme court of Italy, we have been cleared from German prosecutors, Financial conduct authority of the UK, Swedish police Investigation & Lots if other big organizations. No investigation was able to stop us.

✅ Think even after Mr. Konstantin case did our company stopped by any government in the world, Did the USA declared to close the company, did the company stopped paying a bonus or Did Dealshaker stopped performing ??? So its the positive OneCoin Overview for all.

✅ Even after Mr. Konstantin’s arrests integration between OneLife Back Office and Dealshaker successfully completed. We all witnessed the biggest DealShaker expo in Vietnam. Miss OneLife international is happening in Romania.
That means Our company OneLife is going to its success every day.

✅ One very famous Lawyer of the world Mr. Jeffrey Lichtman is defending Mr. Konstantin’s case in the USA court.

✅ We have managed to create the biggest Network globally, we have successfully managed to create the Usability of Our Coin.

♦️✅♦️ The last piece of our ecosystem is OneLife exchange which will complete our primary journey and our actual journey of success will start after we start an open exchange.

Also read

✅ As declared by the company we already have an exchange from January 2019, which last audit and integration of Exchange and OneLife back-office is happening.
Any time a company will announce the criteria of our exchange.

✅♦️✅♦️ In this situation, we need to be more united and strong. This last few days we need to get behind the company.

And OneCoin Overview is also so positive because since Last 4 years lots of our networker has betrayed the company and cowardly runaway. Now when we need more unity some cowards trying to divert our network to a different company, tying to misguide our people.


❌❎❌ I want to reconfirm everyone company will be successful and will lead the cryptocurrency industry with or without you.

*The leaders trying to make confusion now and diverting our network to a different company, trying to destroy us… per company compliance, we will make sure they will not get any benefits from our company when the company will come to open market.

Their ID’s will be frozen and they will not be given any coins which they think they are entitled. *

Let us all be united with the vision of OneCoin. And focus on creating more demand in the market.

So this was the complete and honest OneCoin Overview. See you all soon.

With Regards

OneCoin Overview Exchange Launch

Look at the grilling Mark Zuckerberg and his team has been facing with regards to their planned cryptocurrency Libra! And why do you suppose that Facebook (an American company) has chosen to have their headquarters for Libra in Geneva, Switzerland and not is the USA????

Remember, according to the whistleblower, the USJ has been known to fabricate evidence. And imprison people for crimes that do not even exist!!!
So guys, don’t believe everyone you read as being the gospel truth! At this point, we don’t know how much pressure has been put on Konstantin or what the real truth is.

I do believe that the company is doing its best to create a fully regulated Foreign Exchange Platform. Which is able to trade in more than 40 different fiat currents and around 15 cryptocurrencies.

Think about it! Dr. Ruja has a very strong incentive to get the coin public. It will help her and it will help her brother! Also, I believe she is not content to just place OneCoin on an existing exchange. Where the price will fluctuate along with Bitcoin like the many other cryptos out there. Instead, I believe a new platform has been created as outlined above.

As the platform is regulated, with all the negativity and false information that has been put out there. It cannot be easy to convince regulators that OneCoin is genuine and should be allowed to trade! So I’m just suggesting that you shouldn’t give up!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Stephen Ssemugera

    September 29, 2019 at 1:02 am

    Thank you very much for keeping us updated. Looking forward to use OneCoins as soon as our KYCs are approved.

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