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OneCoin News Sources [100% Correct] ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ



OneCoin News Sources

Hello friends now a days there are multiple frauds around us. They are misleading people and making them hurt finencially. So I am sharing some genuine OneCoin News Sources with you guys.

I hope next time you will cross check news with the OneCoin news sources and keep yourself in safe zone.

OneCoin Official News Sources

The ONLY official domain of the DealShaker platform is!

The only official channels of OneLife and DealShaker or OneCoin News Sources are

All the communication from OneLife and DealShaker is sent from Monday to Friday:

  1. Monday – Newsletter from
  2. Monday to Friday – internal communication with all the DealShaker franchisees and GLG
  3. Friday – Updates regarding the exchange sent via IC groups.

Any communication sent via any other emails on behalf of OneLife and DealShaker is MISLEADING!


I want to tell you all that the One Life Company has no relation with New Deal Shekhar. If you receive an email from there, then you give her information immediately to your senior.

Correct information will be provided by OneCoin News Sources. If someone tries to the fray with you then you should immediately contact the company. 

As we said many people can steal your personal details from you, you need to be alert.

If you have become a victim of a fraud, you should immediately match the Company’s Compliance team.

Wha For Suffered People {Lack of OneCoin News Source}

If anyone of you is facing any issue regarding the fake identity or log in details. Or someone has taken your account details for verification purposes and now you are unable to login your account.

Then please contact the support team, they will help you out from this situation.

Dear friends when you will contact the support or compliance team then a ticket will be created.

And your problem will be resolved soon on a priority basis because the ticket system boosts the troubleshooting.


Dear colleagues, I hope that you have fully understood the information given by this post about OneCoin News Sources.

You do not have to be a victim of any Miss Leading Information. People all over the world have spread a lot of rumors about our company.

If you get any information from anywhere, then first make sure you get the verification from the company’s official news channel.

So Always belief on the information received from OneCoin official News. All the best to be good to be safe. And also spread awareness throughout your entire team.

We are One Family and we all are together for fighting against our haters.

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