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OneCoin News On BBC Email Conversation [ Company Official Release ]



OneCoin News On BBC

Hello, viewers here is the latest update about OneCoin News on BBC. This OneCoin BBC news is based on the send and receive email conversation between OneLife And BBC News. I have written a detailed article on OneCoin BBC News to understand the exact situation. Don’t Miss OneCoin BBC News.

Also, Read OneCoin BBC News All Complain And Comments by leaders.

[GLG Notice: Company Official Release]

[GLG Notice: Company Official Release] Send/receive e-mail between Onelife and the BBC I have posted an interpretive text below each figure. The leader group that works well with the company is already working hard with the BBC. Please refer to.

BBC: [ OneCoin News On BBC ]

Hello, thank you for your answer. If possible, I would like to interview one of your representatives on the matter, and let us know when it will be next week so we can prepare something.

Can you provide details of the two comments cited in the answer to the blockchain? It would be nice to see their report and talk more. Do you have a current date for the exchange? I’m also interested in DealShaker. How many traders are successfully trading on the platform using OneCoin?

What are the main products being traded? I would like to talk to one of DealShaker’s merchants for this purpose, please let me know if there is anyone to interview. Thank you very much.

OneLife: [ OneCoin News On BBC ]

To Georgia, We thank you for your interest in other aspects of the story. However, we do not seem to be impartial to your proposal and allow us to reveal the truth. You are asking for a trader and a company (representative) for the interview.

In the meantime, you have prepared an 8-part podcast series with information from many haters, all employees, and IMAs who have been sanctioned for fraud or violation of regulations and terms seeking private interest.

We can prove these charges. If this series gives you an equal chance to defend ourselves, we are ready to cooperate with you.

There are many people who can be interviewed as someone who understands the ecosystem of oNE and predicts its potential. These people are happy to explain to you the myriad of free training the company has provided over the years.

AML / CFT Rules and Regulations:

Compliance Policy: -CDD policy, KYC and KYCC procedures, enrollment, and monitoring policy for training courses, franchise system; -Who can explain cheating prevention and explain the company’s CDD insights? You should see and hear what the official reviewed.

WORTHY COIN due to the DealShaker platform; Two reports confirming blockchain existence and capabilities; Educational materials created from experts in a variety of financial and legal fields identified by the quality and written by experts; No scams were found.

If you are willing to stop this program from podcasting, we can provide all the material you need to review the truth and see it in action. Best regards, <Above: some of the mail contents sent and received>

The BBC’s thesis: [ OneCoin News On BBC ]

OneCoin is not a cryptocurrency because it has no value outside its ecosystem. Its nominal price is not determined by supply and demand, but internally manipulated and set.

Onelife’s answer: [ OneCoin News On BBC ]

Clearly, OneCoin can verify all criteria for the definition of cryptocurrencies and transparent price criteria that are consistent with the general market. This value has now been identified and reflects global trading activity, as in the ‘DeaShaker’ platform and others. Our hope and goal are ONE (the official name for cryptocurrency), which trades farther in the future.

Even the record of litigation against OneCoin, which we will discuss immediately below, deals with 100% ONE or mixed payments for people of all kinds of goods and services received from thousands of sellers, as well as cars, land, homes and high-value products.

Unfortunately, they are still delayed by government authorities, regulators and haters. We, unfortunately, we regard it as illegal and illegal – ultimately caused by the interests of a state-run currency contrary to the value of economic freedom and/or personal gain.

Our partners, our clients, and our lawyers are successfully fighting this behavior around the world, and we are confident that the vision of a new system based on the ‘financial revolution’ will be established.

The BBC’s thesis: [ OneCoin News On BBC ]

OneCoin is real and does not have a verifiable blockchain.

Onelife’s answer: [ OneCoin News On BBC ]

That’s wrong! We regret that the allegations that blockchain does not exist continue to be raised by partial interests. In this regard, we can cite the opinions of two experts from a professional IT (validation) company that has been drafting and supplementing for several years during the investigation led by the prosecutor of Bielefeld (Germany).

It has not been proven. In contrast, investigations into OneCoin have shown valid signs that blockchain exists. In this regard, we have already issued a statement with reference to a specific official record and cited it. The situation is clear.

OneCoin has a particularly innovative system called a centralized blockchain, which we consider to be excellent for several reasons. It has many important advantages over others, and decentralized blockchain has a less innovative technology concept. To be precise: a central blockchain guarantees a higher level of security from attacks, which is a hugely important aspect of the hacking era.

The most prominent writers of Germany’s largest weekly magazine, ‘NJW’ (‘Neue Juristische Wochenschrift; Schrey / Talhofer: Rechtliche Aspekte der Blockchain’, NJW 2017, 1431) have also been highlighted.

Here are some details of a single centralized system:

A centralized blockchain provides even more customization and control to companies or organizations implementing it over a network. Companies may search and monitor IMA’s behavior in accordance with regulations (PEP and sanctions list).

The company may apply AML / CFT and reporting procedures if necessary (if identity or financial fraud is committed). The company can independently determine who can join the network and who can access it.

Companies can apply all KYC and KYCC regulations, and in that respect, they are closer to the financial institutions and the government. In many places, cryptocurrencies are not regulated, which enables the CDD process to assume bank-like roles for those who do not have a bank account.

Centralized blockchains are more environmentally friendly because they do not require so many resources to implement and secure the entire network. The larger the public blockchain (e.g. for Bitcoin), the more miners are needed to get something done.

This is not an environmentally friendly blockchain, because the cost of a single bitcoin transaction is very high. Organizations and businesses can help to store and protect their most important data with the help of a centralized blockchain.

The BBC’s thesis: [ OneCoin News On BBC ]

Nobody (currently) can trade ONE on a public exchange, and the profit comes from the fee to join others. Then it is a Ponzi. The continued commitment to future open exchanges where ONE can be traded in fiat currencies has never been realized.

Based on past broken promises and the total nominal value of OneCoin in the current people’s account, there is no evidence that it will be implemented. But people are intentionally driven to believe in something else. Therefore, we intend to describe OneCoin as a scam.

Onelife’s answer: [ OneCoin News On BBC ]

First, it is not already true that OneCoin cannot trade. Deal Shaker is one of the major global trading platforms and has been developed by us. Why is OneCoin for merchants?

The fact that cryptocurrencies operate in an unregulated industry and have a reputation of “risk”, “pyramid” or “bubble” represents a serious barrier to large-scale adoption by most users and retailers.

As mentioned many times, there are a variety of reasons why cryptocurrencies can be a common means of payment in the future. Payment through cryptocurrencies is attractive to both as they offer advantages for both customers and retailers.

OneCoin News On BBC Email Detail Reason

The reason: -Unlike credit card companies, low transaction fees. Unlike credit card companies, which usually charge up to 3% of processing fees, they can add up quickly. In contrast, cryptocurrency transaction fees usually do not exceed 1%, which is desirable for retailers. -Fast and safe deal.

OneCoin News On BBC
OneCoin News On BBC

One of the main benefits of cryptocurrency payments is the exchange without an intermediary, which means the broker is released. This means that the technology is designed to facilitate (at least in theory) stable (or at least theoretically) stable settlement of values ​​without intermediates like banks.

Encourage rewards Many retailers and online platforms that accept cryptocurrencies as payment methods have developed incentives and reward programs for them.

For example, merchants can participate in free advertising campaigns according to company strategy. Numerous benefits of payment coins have led to the fact that there are many cryptocurrencies aimed at becoming a common or widely accepted means of payment.

Of the total 1,910 cryptocurrencies listed on CoinMarketCap, approximately 10-20% are expected to be payment coins or payment tokens. And more will come about. OneCoin is distinguished from all other coins and ultimately led to the acceptance and use of large retailers. One. Partner network size (3,559,259 active accounts, 13,002,970 registered accounts)

2. speed and transaction efficiency;

We make a profit first. Law and profit are really important, but it’s not the most important thing in our franchise model. At the heart of our franchise model are the brand value, vision, standards, and goals of the franchise headquarters.

One of the parties is Intuit Persona, a personal service contract that is a prerequisite of the contract. With regard to the ecosystem franchise sector and its purpose, the main focus is to create demand by leveraging our knowledge of local market details. (Next page) The expansion of OneCoin is only delayed and delayed by government authorities.

Ex-employees disseminated facts about the company for personal benefit, and the former IMA was suspended for violating different regulations and terms. We think this is obviously illegal.

OneCoin News On BBC Email Detail

We are confident that these obstacles will not be rampant in the end. It was this way with all the great innovations. In this context, it is our particular concern to take advantage of the opportunity to emphasize the exceptional loyalty of our, particularly proud customers.

We want to thank them for that. If the accusations were separately claimed to be correct, the behavior of hundreds of thousands of other people would not be explained. Also, we know the specific sales activities related to cars, food chains and so on.

It became prevention There are businesses that can make payments using ONE at all branches of the industry (tourism, manufacturing, transportation, construction, etc.). We want nothing but open markets and deregulation. But this is not in our hands.

Further Details

We are also fighting for this freedom through legal action. The barriers set by the state restrict this freedom. In the interim processes, the lawsuits in Nuremberg were suspended, and the successful ruling in North Rhine-Westphalia in Ham’s High Court were examples of numerous litigation results in Germany.

Swedish authorities have confirmed that there is no current procedure for prosecution against OneCoin on May 2, 2019. Sue and accusations were filed by competitors, those around them and the indicators of the ‘old’ financial world. Numerous cases of litigation results have already proved that the accusations are not fully acceptable.

In addition, the OneCoin survey looked at sellers on a real “deal shaker” platform. These surveys confirmed and praised Onecoin and its trading platform.

The BBC’s thesis: [ OneCoin News On BBC ]

Millions of people who have invested in OneCoin worldwide cannot exchange or use OneCoin. Since their OneCoin has no external value, it means that they have no way of realizing their investment. Although OneCoin cannot trade the coin publicly, it continues to promote it worldwide.

Onelife’s answer: [ OneCoin News On BBC ]

As we continue to explain, it is the market expansion of OneCoin and the possibility of replacing OneCoin. In fact, exchanges and remittance platforms are just a part of the ONE ecosystem, just as important as everything else. We are doing this hard every day.

Lawyers and attorneys around the world, as well as our employees and partners, are fighting for this. In the context of the OneAcademy training package, it is also important to have outstanding professors and financiers as lecturers. We ensure that we trade with confidence when there are no regulatory obstacles restricting people’s freedom and trade. This limitation does not depend on us.

We use all legal means very successfully and persistently and take full advantage of them to facilitate the execution of the greatest possible freedom of exchange and exchange. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and respect to all the media around the world who value the truth and claim to work according to the main laws of the press, professional ethics, and integrity!