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OneCoin New Blockchain Benefits !!Good News!!



OneCoin New Blockchain Benefits: Friends recently we have passed through the G20 summit. This is responsible for money and digital asset management.

Due to high risk during cryptocurrency operation and trading, G20 released new guidelines for virtual currency regulation.

Almost all existing crypto projects are updating their existing system for upcoming legal challange.

In the same way, OneCoin will launch its new blockchain with some advance additional features. We have discussed it earlier in our blog post.

As you all know OneCoin is going to launch a brand new blockchain with advanced features. You may want to know about these features.

I am going to share some of them with you. So, that you will be aware of it.

What Are OneCoin New Blockchain Benefits

1. Same Day Blockchain KYC

Since OneCoin has launched people are facing KYC issue. Sometimes people have to face account freeze situation because of this.

But don’t worry now this problem will be resolved with new blockchain. New Blockchain is 4th generation blockchain and less with same day KYC approval feature.

Here you don’t need to wait for weeks or months for KYC getting approved. Now you need to submit your KYC documents with your account activation. You will be approved instantly if all documents are OK.

2. Coin Will Be Double

When a new blockchain is introduced to the system. It makes the available coins double. This seems quite similar to the new split

We will see it the second time in OneCoin 5 years time period.

So, be happy all your rewarded coins will be double in next few months before exchange launch. I think it is a very good news for everyone.

3. More Secure & Reliable

The new blockchain will be more secure and reliable compared to the existing blockchain. Here new security features are available for merchants and customers. Keeping in mind the new cybersecurity threats.

So, these OneCoin new blockchain benefits are available till date.

FAQ Related To New Blockchain

Q. Is there any changes in our login detail?

Ans: No login detail will be the same for all OneLife members. Members can use the current login password and ID will for entering the OneLife Dashboard.

Q. Does we need to do KYC again?

Ans: No we don’t need to do kyc anymore. All approved account will remain approved. But all unapproved account holders will have to submit their KYC documents.

Q. Will we get sponcership bonus again?

Ans. No additional sponsorship or binary bonus will be released again for OneLife members.

Q. Will the coins double lead to a drop in current price?

Ans: No, there is no such provision, we will update you if any such situation will happen in future.

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