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OneCoin Mystery About Dr. Ruja & OneLife Network



OneCoin Mystery: To understand the vision of OneCoin and Dr. Ruja, read this article Please read carefully.

OneCoin Mystery [ Dr. Ruja & OneLife Network ]

The first question is to ask yourself if the business is legal or fraudulent and when it was established. If it started a few months ago, the risk of fraud is very high.

However, if you start training directly with the people involved and meet in person, you will feel the energy and understand your vision.

Fraud usually collapses within a few months, up to six months. People often tend to be mistaken for good projects that have failed due to wrong decisions about fraud.

So today, OneCoin has been around for 5 years, so it doesn’t seem to be a scam after all.

OneCoin is a Saturn project that creates a stable, centrally regulated cryptocurrency. To be used in bulk, especially in some non-bank markets. Such as Asia, Africa, and South America. OneCoin has already implemented everything.

Coin Marketcap has many centralized Cryptocurrencies, the most well-known is Ripple. If OneCoin is a silly project that is not worth it, no one will slander it for more than 2 years.

OneCoin Mystery: The main problem in the decentralized cryptocurrency open market is that large speculators with the skills and means to inflate the price of coins by inflating the price of the coins in order to make a big profit are applied.

But you have to understand that buying a coin cheaply and selling it expensive is not Dr. Ruja’s vision. OneCoin does not want to be more than one speculative Cryptocurrency.

They want their exchange to be a central entity that regulates the value of coins and imposes limits and expiration of trading orders.

It may be economically illogical, but we want to make stable coins that people can use to purchase services and products.

OneCoin already has over 112k merchants

OneCoin already has over 112k merchants and people can use coins for DealShaker. It started in February 2017 and of course the Witnesses It says the website is bad because I saw a bad deal.

As if Amazon and eBay worked flawlessly from scratch. Jack Ma, the owner of Alibaba, purchased all the deals on his website for the first 30 days.
More clearly for those who don’t understand what’s going on so far!

The mass market is waiting for a new cryptocurrency that can be adopted in large quantities. So far since 2013, we have had too many crypto startups, ICOs, fundraising events, some of them promoted through direct marketing, MLM, but some failed.

Because there was no significant user base. They had no plans to make prices stable, and no other plans. Increase your usefulness in coin price creation.

They all list tokens too early on the exchange after the ICO, and by listing and trading coins too early to kill stability or in most cases even the entire price. Not to mention the lack of regulation.

It does not fully comply with KYC and AML, which are essential for mass-market adoption.

In connection with the claim that OneCoin and that it is the “Ponzi Scheme”. OneCoin is not sold and is not mined by users, so “pyramid sales” cannot occur.

You can define other issues that mention OneLife.

What is the “pyramid” characteristic?

Some of the features below are listed for clarity. Participation involves the mandatory payment of funds, and in most cases, OneLife does not have such a requirement.

There are no actual products in the “Pyramid Sales Plan”. OneLife has 7 levels of the real product, curriculum. Video materials, lectures, exercises, and tests. Instructors are reputable people with relevant academic experience and expertise.

In an economic sense, the “pyramid sales plan” is designed to move the capital from “investment” to another.

Examining the history of the economy, you can see that the “pyramid system” collapses as the “investment” disappears. OneLife is still here and shows no signs of changing the subject of the activity and/or the subject of the sale.

I wish you all a very successful and blessed week! All together, We are One.

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