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OneCoin Medium of Exchange For Worlds 2020 Onwards



OneCoin Medium of Exchange
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OneCoin Medium of Exchange

Be ready for the upcoming OneCoin medium of exchange for every product and service. OneCoin is the next and best future payment system.

Each moment of our life is connected with buying and selling activities. Every day and every time we need something to buy and something to sell.

It is an integral part of our life, without it our life is not possible. Because we cannot make all the goods of our needs by ourselves.

Looking at the current conditions of society, we have to buy everything. And we also have to sell the knowledge and time available to us.

Suppose you work somewhere, then you sell your time and skills there. In return, you get some money from which you buy food, clothes for yourself and all the things you need.

Different currencies operate in different countries, but they all have a special identity at the international level. That is why we do business internationally.

OneLife company trying to introduce OneCoin medium of exchange for all future payments. As all currencies have multiple limitations like inflation, high transaction charges, security, etc.

History of Payments

Before the introduction of fiat currency, people exchange goods for goods, (Barter trade) then though it was not generally accepted amongst those that reach an agreement, deals were sealed then.

After the introduction of fiat currency, people only exchange goods with fiat currency only when they must have equally reached an agreement.

OneCoin is also good enough to serve as a medium of exchange between users that have the same goal and vision. Nothing should stop honest and devoted members from using it as a medium of exchange.

  • Earlier we used to exchange goods and services among ourselves.
  • Later we start exchanging goods and services with fiat money.
  • In the future, we will use the OneCoin medium of exchange for goods and services.

Why OneCoin Not Bitcoin?

Initially, the Bitcoin project was launched to serve this objective. But there are so many limitations and drawbacks. Due to so many deficiencies, we can’t use bitcoin as a medium of exchange.

Some of Bitcoin deficiencies are as follows:

  • Unstable price.
  • Non-tracking blockchain system( this influence illegal use).
  • No direct usability on the e-commerce platform.
  • Very few merchants.
  • Not legal in all countries.
  • No transparency for customers. (No one knows to whom they are sending bitcoin)
  • And many more…

There are too many problems with Bitcoin and so-called decentralized cryptocurrencies. So finally the journey came to an end and we find a OneCoin the best and biggest cryptocurrency.

One coin cryptocurrency has its own blockchain KYC, largest merchants’ usability, biggest e-commerce platform, and stable price.

Let us all promote DealShaker and keep shopping with mass-cryptocurrency OneCoin.

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