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OneCoin Main Objective Secret For Exchange Launch



Why OneCoin Was Launched?

Friends, today we will discuss OneCoin main objective and reasonable factors. Everyone is looking for their dream project launch time. But here are important points that we have to look for further proceeding.

There were so many so-called cryptocurrencies in the market like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherecoin, Bitcoin Cash which are already performing better. But something was lacking behind. Which were the main reason and the world deserve a better cryptocurrency?

These are the OneCoin Main Objective

1. Trustworthy Coin

We all know that Bitcoin is good but there is price uncertainty. Except for some mass valued owner, nobody knows about the upcoming price. This is the reason that bitcoin has not been successful even as a merchant coin.

On the other side, OneCoin was created as a merchant coin and its main objective was to acquire the whole crypto and financial market. Dealshaker is performing better than any other decentralized e-commerce platform. We can buy everything from our daily requirement from here.

Now we do not even have to exchange our currency to buy vegetables from the market because a vegetable merchant is also available on Dealshaker.

Due to being a merchant coin, it can be trusted here. And its price remains the same as there is no price fluctuation like bitcoin.

2. Fast Crossborder Transaction

Bitcoin also used to have cross border transactions at very low transaction fees. But this payment is secretly and slightly slow. I am not denying that we are much better than traditional methods. But bitcoin’s blockchain is not so fast, here it takes more time to mine 1 Bitcoin compared to OneCoin.

OneCoin can be mined every minute and also everything is monitored in this blockchain system.

3. OneCoin Main Objective is Merchant Coin

OneCoin is a complete ecosystem. And main objective of OneCoin is to create a huge userbase worldwide. And OneCoin is getting success in this vision. Dealshaker platform confirmed more than 3.5 Crore registered merchants recently.

This number are increasing daily basis. People are getting educated and authorities age getting awarded for this financial system.

4. Banking Without Bank OneCoin Main Objective

The vision of OneLife is to create a banking system for everyone without banks. Bitcoin can’t do it because of so many limitations. But we are seeing the OneCoin relations with central banks. Almost every country is ready to operate the OneCoin payment system. As OneCoin is getting legal status by central banks of each and every territories.

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1 Comment

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