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OneCoin Leaders Latest News Official Newsletter



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Dear merchants website is active now and working very well. It was down for some maintenance work. Now everything is fixed. And we can do new sign up for the new merchants.

Below is a reference image from Our GLG leader Mr. Adeel’s telegram group.

As per the message we have to work on DealShaker development. As we know that the company wants to have at least 1 million active merchants before going to exchange launch.

And we are in the final phase. Almost 7.3 lakhs members are already registered on DealShaker and soon we will cover the 1 Million figure.

Work for developing new merchants especially active merchants. because merchants are the key to make our coin strong and stable.

We have good news for India! New deals approval application is accepting for approvals. So if you are planning for this. Do fast and fulfill the vision and mission of the company.

As per this verified news,, and websites are working again. And we are expecting OneCoin Official NewsLetter in the coming next week.

Official Newsletter

Today OneCoin leaders’ latest news is trending on many social media platforms. We are going to discuss it in detail and also we will see some questions arising in the mind of OneLife family members.

We would like to inform you that Veselina Valkova and Habib Ur Rahman Zahid are no longer part of the Company’s family. As we are saying farewell to Veselina, we are acknowledging the hard work she has done for everyone during this journey!

Although we part ways with valuable employees of the company, the journey will continue to overcome the difficulties created by the various ill-wishers. We spare no efforts to bring the company back to its place – at the top!

Also, We are currently experiencing some technical issues at some of our sites and our software specialists are working around the clock to resolve them.

We would also like to share that important meeting with the leaders are taking place. This week in Sofia and the topics discussed are the various actions and steps.

That needs to be undertaken for overcoming the difficulties created by third parties and to continue to a prosperous and successful future.

We believe that together we have the resources and the potential to increase the highest reported results of the company and to be once more at the top!

We look forward to sending you another update next week after our series of meetings with the leaders.

Warmest Regards,
OneLife Network Family

Let’s see some more OneCoin Leaders Latest News update.

Que: Why ONE coin company does not share anything with leaders?

Ans :
1- Juha Parhila
2- Kari Wahlroos
3- Denial + Eward
4- Dr. Pervaiz Daud
5- Igor & Andresa + Luliana
6- Jose Gordo + Mariana
7- Natchapan + Frank Ricketts + Staffan Liback
8- Habib Zahid + Vaselina
9- Duncan + Munir + Asad
10- Tom McMurrain
11- Dr. Muhammad Zafar

And a few more I guess…

These were the leaders who used to be close to Dr. Ruja and the corporate sector of ONE coin.
These all leaders copied/steal ONE coin company’s plan and started their OWN COMPANY and always try to hijack OneLife Community because it is 3.6Million+ users.

None of them became successful till now after leaving ONE coin.

That is why the company kicked them out of the company from time to time and face many issues because of them.

And this is the main issue today company doesn’t share any future planning with any leader either IC GLG member or GLG member.

But I hope that the future of ONE coin is bright according to the VISION of Dr. Ruja Ignatova.

Stay Positive with ONE coin.
Stay Away from so-called leaders.