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OneCoin Latest News

Friends In this article we will see all OneCoin Latest News regarding what happening in current time regarding the exchange XcoinX, DealShaker and the whole ONE ecosystem.

Now is the time for actions

Until now, most OLN waited for others to take actions and that was OK, but no more waiting….
Especially now when the company is about to take the giant step and go public, every single person in OLN should create action and noise…


Because everything is ready to open the exchange, but to succeed in the exchange we have to create more demand, which needs more visibility, which could be done by:
Remove the specks of dirt made by haters,🧹🧹🧹🧹
Show the world how many people believe in One ecosystem,🔥🔥🔥🔥

So, If you want to sell your ONE at a good price😍😍😍, you have to share, comment, and like positive posts. Also, dislike and report haters and their negative posts.
Because people power is the unstoppable power, 10% of OLN creating actions is much more powerful than 100% of OLN waiting for the company.

OneCoin Latest News Big Announce For CoinSafe Future

In relation to the 9-month corporate strategy we have recently informed you about, the OneLife Team has prepared a useful and easy manual on CoinSafe functionalities. It is important that all ONE users are well informed about what is yet to come.

Please bear in mind that 2 months after the Exchange becomes operational the CoinSafe function will not be available for new users any longer. CoinSafe was an option which was provided by the Company to its users several years ago.

But now the times are changing for the better and the corporate strategy needs to adapt as well. Thus, it is time for CoinSafe to slowly go out of business and retire in order not to risk interfering with the coin deficit strategy.

Please bear in mind that after the Exchange is up and running, you will have two months to use the CoinSafe feature.

Common Doubt Regarding OneCoin Exchange XCoinX

I dont understand the source of the news related to Exchange that marketers circulating, if the last news of onelife Back office was March the time K jailed, and Onecoin website is still under maintenance!!🤔🤔🤔🤔. Is there any one provide me with the right news if am wrong?

OneLife website is not under maintenance unless maybe you cannot access only for a short time. We receive the newsletter every Monday that you can sign up for using your username and password and receive through your email.

Also, GLG IC (Global Leaders Group Inner Circle) members receive information from the company and pass it on to OneCoin members. The company has decided to send us Friday weekly updates about the exchange, and so far have sent us several weeks of updates.

When GLG members receive it they pass it on to us. These are the official updates. We have received them here. Company has warned us about fake updates about the exchange also.

OneCoin Latest News Regarding Jose Gordo And Payments in Latin America

OneCoin Latest News Dr Ruja Ignatova Exchange 2019  CoinSafe
Dr Ruja Ignatova And OneCOin Team

Please be informed Mr. Jose Gordo`s contract as a Master distributor has been terminated. We wish him good luck in his future activities and endeavors.

For any future payments in Latin American territories, you should contact the payments department of OneLife at [email protected]

As we have multiple inquiries about the Mastery Summit in Panama on 20-22 September 2019, we announce this event is not organized by OneLife network and is not connected with our business activities!

In order to continue operation in Latin America, we are restructuring the Latham territory by appointing 5 new positions to active and loyal networkers who would like to participate as the new Latin American Regional Distributors for OneLife.

Our strategy aims to distinguish 5 geographical territories which are going to help us further develop the region and mitigate the transition of the network for the exchange and the DealShaker franchise. We expect your applications at [email protected]