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OneCoin Latest News In India 2020 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



Today we are going to discuss OneCoin latest news in India for 2020 and all upcoming events. Everyone will get a closer look at Indian cryptocurrency stand.

So, stay tuned with this article and get updated with the latest information about OneCoin cryptocurrency.

OneCoin is a global and stable cryptocurrency with a net worth of 29.95 euros per coin for the DealShaker exchange. OneCoin DealShaker exchange rates are applicable for buying and selling products on the DealShaker platform.

But there is no conversion for cryptocurrency in India. Also, no recent information in this reference. So, what about OneCoin? What is OneCoin latest news in India?

OneCoin Latest News In Indian

1. News For Indian Deals

Dear friends as there is no conversion for cryptocurrency company make a special announcement for Indian merchants.

All Indian deals will be approved without any charge. I think you are aware that in other countries there is a 5Euro cost for each deal to be approved.

Which merchants have to pay from his wallet. it was easy when NewDealShaker was live and PayPal was integrated with it. But now to overcome this problem Indian deals are being approved without any fee.

2. Upcoming DealShaker Expo

Since October 2019 we hearing about Indian DealShaker expo. But till now there is no official announcement in this regard. Indian DealShaker franchise holder told that before the Expo announcement they want a significant number of merchants in India.

Especially they are focusing on India. As everyone knows that India has the biggest userbase. Likewise, there is a huge potential for all good business opportunities.

3. OneCoin Latest News For Exchange In India

In India, all cryptocurrency payments are on hold by banks and other financial institutions. It is ordered by the Indian government after the Bitcoin crash. So no positive signs for any cryptocurrency exchange.

But OneCoin is a special & stable coin. And ECB is in favor of stable cryptocurrencies with all legal licenses. Likewise, OneCoin doing the same things as taking licenses and granting excess.

Also, ECB conveys the message to other central banks in the world. We can see its result. According to the EconomicTimes report, India is launching its own official cryptocurrency.

So, OneCoin exchange will be launch in India very soon. And all OneLife members & DealShaker Merchants will be able to use XCoinX exchange in India legally.

4. OneAcademy News

OneAcademy is an educational program. And no government is against it. Everyone can access OneAcademy in India. People are taking financial educations from it.

Also, we are seeing a positive impact on the knowledge of Indian OneLife members. They are moving towards the use of DealShaker products and services.

Also, new merchants growing at a fast rate. This really good thing for OneCoin and other stable coins.

5. OneForex In India

The forex market is illegal in India to date. It has the same issue as the cryptocurrency market.

But still, you can do forex trading with the OneForex account. You OneCoin wallet can help you with this.

OneForex account is accepting OneCoin payment. So, If you want to start forex trading go for it with OneCoin wallet payment.

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So, these all were the OneCoin latest news for India and Indian OneLife members. I hope everything is clear to you. If you have any doubt please comment on us below.

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