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OneCoin is Not a Scam or Pyramid [Facts]



OneCoin is not a scam dr ruja
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OneCoin is not a Scam because all facts and figures are stated below for reference. We will discuss everything in detail. All doubts will finish. A new image will take place in the mindset of all.

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Dear OneCoiners,

OneCoin is Not a Scam

In relation to OneCoin and the allegations that it is a “Ponzi Scheme”. It should be noted that OneCoin is not sold, it is mined by users. Therefore no “pyramid selling” can take place.

On another matter referring to OneLife can you define. So, What the “pyramid” characteristics are?

Below some of these characteristics are listed for clarity Participation is tied to obligatory payment of funds. Also, In most cases substantial amounts OneLife has no such requirement.

In the “pyramid selling schemes” there is no real product OneLife has a real product. Educational courses 7 levels, with video materials, lectures, exercises, and tests. Lecturers are reputable persons with relevant academic experience and expertise.

In the “pyramid selling schemes” participants can’t get their “invested” amounts back. OneLife provides to its member’s refunds, in case the member decides to not use the product purchased.

In the economic sense the “pyramid selling schemes” are designed to move capitals from “investment” to another.

If you research the economic history you will be able to see that the moment such “investment” disappears the “pyramid scheme” collapses. OneLife is still here and doesn’t show signs for changing its subject of activity and/or subject of its sales.

OneCoin and his Vision

  • To create a society free of inflation and loans.
  • A completely transparent and legal payment system without risk.
  • Completely Safe, Secure and stable payment currency
  • One range of worldwide activities.
  • Also, a payment method, on which, the authorities can count.
  • OneCoin is the first cryptocurrency on the net who implemented the CDD, the KYC, the KYB, the KYCC, the AML, and the CFT norms. Long before, that this norm is excited by the regulatory and the authorities, in terms of compliance of different countries!

The rules KYCC enters into force with the 4th AML directive. But it was entered into force since it has been a long time before on the DealShaker Platform!

About the G20 of December 2018, it was decided that all companies. Where the cryptocurrency is implicated do be regulated by FATF rules. And we had them implemented three years ago long before!

Clearly, What does this show?

This is the question may arise in your mind about OneCoin is not a scam. But read the below comments for this.

It shows, among others, that the company OneCoin, fixed high standards of transparency. And the responsibility on the unripened industry, highly competitive and unregulated.

We are engaged to respect the good commercial practices. Also, the rules, and regulations. Relevant, and the more important is that we have the sens professional to do that.

Also, read:

Likewise, Our main goal is to improve everyday safety. We try to contribute in any way to the implementation of stricter regulations and legal frameworks around the world. To ensure that OneCoin is used only for decent purposes.