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OneCoin Good Commercial Practices What to do or Not?



What To Do OneCoin Dr Ruja
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Today we will see OneCoin Good Commercial Practices information. This message was released from the head office for all IMAs regarding What to do and not do?
OneCoin Good commercial practices as follows:

What to do and what not to do?

According to the law, the return policy must be visible and provided for acceptance during the ordering process. If the customer uses the right to cancel a purchase or return, including payment and shipping costs, in accordance with the clearly stated return policy, all costs will be refunded. Unless otherwise agreed, it should be mentioned that the customer bears the return cost directly. If not mentioned, the trader must bear the cost

If the customer uses the right to cancel or withdraw the order, we will refund all costs. This includes payment and shipping costs unless the customer requested a specific shipping method.

If you clearly indicate the price, including VAT,
You can misrepresent it. To inform customers who have the right to deduct VAT, the price is not charged.
You can also specify it.

Online sellers should treat all EU consumers the same no matter where they shop, but it’s best to consider and not take into account certain market characteristics because they can determine seller behavior.

The top 10 countries that mostly do online shopping are Hong Kong, Norway, Israel, the United States, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Ireland.

Recognize the potential financial strength of buyers because their monthly average wages vary around the world.

Here is an example of EUR net salary:


Observe existing e-commerce rules and regulations and keep in mind that it varies from country to country.

OneCoin Good Commercial Practices Case study

For EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway – You have the right to cancel and cancel if you purchased the product or service online or outside the physical store (phone, mail order, door to a door sales representative).

Return the order within 14 days without justification for any reason (cooling period) Globally, consumers must rely on the laws of the country in which the trader resides.

Consumer protection requirements are not harmonized for consumers who purchase products or services from non-EU online retailers. Each country has rules that must be followed.

Brazilian consumers have a so-called ‘right to regret’. Chinese consumers, on the other hand, have the right to cancel a purchase within seven days of receipt of the goods.

In Japan-the customer has the right to cancel within 8 days of receipt of the goods, but this right can be canceled if the trader expressly stated in the contract.

“Power shopping” (or co-shopping) refers to the number of customers who come together to buy goods or services at low prices over the Internet.

On October 12, 2000, the German court-Landgericht Köln, although not sure how these practices are handled in all EU countries. Ruled “power shopping” practices in which online shoppers get bigger discounts.

OneCoin Good commercial practices What Not To Do?

  • Set a higher price than a physical store
  • Strict and Complex Procedures for Product Returns
  • Use a shipping service that operates only in restricted shipping areas
  • Use complex and untrusted payment methods
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I hope every point it clear for you. Also, it will encourage our ecosystem. Likewise, we should not forget the vision. Also, Along with all our duties and rights. Always follow the rules of the land. Likewise, work for the goodwill of the company. So, my personal opinion is clear here. Of course, we all will follow the official instructions.

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