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OneCoin Future is Bright ಠ_ಠ



OneCoin Future

Dear friends today we will discuss the OneCoin future in coming months or years. Also, we will discuss everything about OneCoin future like fiat currency limitations, Neewd of cryptocurrency and then I will tell you how OneCoin future is so bright.

So if you want to know about onecoin future then stay with us and keep watching all the details about OneCoin future in detail.

Fiat Currency Drawbacks

Dear friends Christine Lagarde a former IMF director and newly elected director of Central bank point out some views regarding fiat currency. I am stating them as it is received from my sources.

Friends I want to attract your attention to the 2008 financial crises. As per the French law expert, France finance crises was caused due to the abnormal behaviour of banks.

There was a system called “Fractional Reserve Banking”. According to which Banks can generate an imaginary 100X value of money (legally) in their computers deposited by their customers.

And for doing this, there is no need to deposit gold in the central bank. And the French bank officials did the same. Due to which more money was supplied in the market.

As a result, the people there had to suffer a huge financial crisis in 2008. 

Friends Just imagine, if the supply of money goes up 100 times, then how much inflation will be there in a country (It clearly defining OneCoin Future).

Money Supply is directly proportional to Inflation. People will have more money in their bank accounts and they will go to withdraw it from banks at the same time.

But banks have no cash for their customers and in such cases, we have to face bankrupt issues.

Why We Required Cryptocurrency

Leonardo had realized that the bank can generate a lot of money without depositing the gold collateral and this will continuously decrease the money value.

At that time, the Lagarde decided to add a cryptosystem system to solve this financial crises problem. And people encouraged his decision very much.

Lagarde that time decided that we have to remove our dependency on fiat currency as it may be the reason for financial crises and inflation again and again.

All cryptocurrencies have a limited supply. And nothing can be definitively determined about these. So we decided to use cryptocurrency to remove financial crises and bankrupt issues.

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Limitations Enhance OneCoin Future

OneCoin Future Ruja Ignatova

When Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin cryptocurrency then his main objective was to provide a safe and secure payment option with third party (banks) Involvement.

And somewhere he was a success in his mission but there were some limitations and then central bank and Other financial institution described the issues regarding cryptocurrency regulation.

  • Cryptocurrency should have KYC system.
  • Cryptocurrency Should have a valid connection with the central bank.
  • Crypto Payments should be with valid identification.
  • Cryptocurrency Value should be stable, not volatile.

How OneCoin Future Is Bright

Dear friends OneCoin future is so bright I can’t express with words. But I am trying to share my personal opinion and you can see it in the coming future.

Friends first of all OneCoin System have KYC, Centralized, Stable Price and Connection with Central bank.

It has its own e-commerce platform where every kind of product or service can be purchased. In the coming times, the Central Bank will use it. Everyone will use it with great love.

OneCoin Future Conclusion

All the people of the world will use OneCoin in upcoming future on a large scale. OneCoin future is so attractive and amazing that each country and each person will use it.

Usability will be more easy for the whole world with ONE wallet.

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