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OneCoin Future Is Awesome Best Explanation 2020



OneCoin Future Is Awesome: The future of ONECOIN will be bright. This is because many people around the world use ONECOIN. Christine Lagarde, former director of the IMF, was elected chairman of the European Central Bank.

Lagarde was praised for providing remedies to help several countries in the eurozone in the face of an economic crisis.

French legal experts ruthlessly criticized the 2008 financial crisis for banking behavior in a world ruled by careless men.

With FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING, banks can “print” money (on the computer) up to 100 times the amount of money deposited (stored) by the customer.

As a result, the supply of money increases, resulting in inflation.
Money that is “printed” by the bank is loaned to improper (financial) customers, causing congestion. Banks go bankrupt if everyone hurriedly withdraws funds at the same time.

As everyone knows, one reason for the collapse was Lehman Brothers.
Lagarde prints as much money as possible without gold collateral
I understood that I could.

This is why Fiat Money lowers its purchasing power (value).
Lagarde understands that financial systems that use fiat currencies are now at risk for the financial crisis.

Therefore, Lagarde has a positive attitude towards the emergence of Cryptocurrency as a total (limited) supply.
Therefore, there is no inflation.

Lagarde, a legal expert and financial expert, knows that KYC is a must because cryptocurrency is anonymous.

There must be a manager that the central bank can control.

How OneCoin Future Is Awesome

US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said the US attitude toward cryptocurrency recognized by the United States is as follows:

  1. Not anonymous
    (must have the identity of the owner)
  2. Using a centralized system
    (Easily controlled and accountable)
  3. The value is stable, not volatile.


That means that the attitudes of Europe and America are identical and consistent. So far, there is one cryptocurrency that satisfies the above conditions: ONECOIN.

The future of ONECOIN will be bright. This is because many people around the world use ONECOIN.

This will undermine the role of the USD printed by the central bank.
Therefore, ONECOIN faces many obstacles and challenges from the United States.

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