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OneCoin Fake News Sites Exposed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



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OneCoin Fake News

Friends we see so many OneCoin fake news sites spreading their false and worthless propaganda on different social media, forum and different search engine platforms. Why these people launch such sites and how can we stop such propaganda? We are going to cover everything related to this.

Today I will expose all OneCoin Fake News Sites. So please understand it carefully and be aware and fight for our dreams. Let’s start…

Official Message About OneCoin Fake News or Generalism

Unfortunately, blogs and all kind of publications are feeding us subjective and unethical journalism! These disgusting methods are gaining massive popularity for the extremity of the statements. The so called ‘accuracy’ and ‘facts’ are used in accusatory and scandal seeking manner in order to portray ‘TRUTH’. Such outlets’ success is powered by the Interest, some clicks on their websites, blogs and social media sh** they call with the sound name ‘JOURNALIST INVESTIGATIONS’.

Shame! It is on you!

In the past few years we have unwillingly and indirectly been ‘a subject of interest’ for a couple of individuals, initiating these attacks on our company. It is beyond obvious and insulting to the people part of OUR network and OUR company!

This behavior is conducted by monetary gains, vain courage and sensationalism!

The upcoming BBC podcast series is based on ‘testimonials’ of haters; former employees who were either fired or disgracefully dismissed for internal company violations, intellectual property theft and other crimes. As the BBC producer claims herself – ‘We intend, therefore, to describe OneCoin as a scam.’

FIRSTLY, I ask them ‘WHY don`t you take interviews from people who understand the One Ecosystem and foresee the potential of it, people who possess the values of the network, people who have any value and substance of human beings, at all?

Why don`t you ask those who will explain to you about the numerous FREE training the company provided for years upon: AML/CFT rules and regulations; compliance policies; CDD policies along with KYC and KYCC procedures, on boarding and monitoring policies, franchise systems; Fraud prevention on BOTH DealShaker platforms, including the one which was stolen?

Why dont you take into consideration there is not a single case in court which proves the company, they throw stones at, is a scam? Why doesnt ANYONE want to hear what the official authorities have reviewed – WORTHY COIN because of the DealShaker platform; two reports confirming the blockchain exists and is functional; educational materials, confirmed to be with good quality and written from experts in different financial and legal spheres; no fraud has been detected?’

It is typically human to read and be interested in the dirty stories without caring what has been concocted as part of the anti-Onecoin/OneLife campaign which has been committed to deliberately destroy it! These are big morbid and nasty, sticky balls of lies these individuals are feeding you! This campaign is conducted by individuals who stole intellectual property and had been developing competitive business long before Konstantin Ignatov has been in custody!

Excuse my negligence but … U stupid?!

Open your eyes and ears!

As for my part, I refuse to be a party to malicious intent!

Do not pay these people their salary until they start making programs in a fair manner, in accordance with the general principles of fairness and equal treatment.

OneCoin Fake News Review From Experts

What these professional haters and abusers are doing is called extortion, threats and defamation, which I would assume is illegal in most countries in the world, at least the country I live in.

Then we can ask how many OLN members have been threatened or been pressured to join our network? I would believe NONE!

Another thing they do is make false accusations to police and government, which is also illegal in most countries! If you read what they write, and not just the headline, then you see that there is frequent use of words like; presumably, possibly, allegations, accusations, etc. Also, very frequent references to “safe sources” are used, which are never documented by name or any other type of evidence.

Everyone uses fake names and profiles. These are a fraud and fake people. Never trust on them. Which NEVER provides any form of evidence, but only links to other sources, which in turn links to other sources, etc….

Why People Run OneCoin Fake News Sites

These professional haters have blogs that they get paid for every time someone land on their posts. The posts only contain scandalous claims, with a lot of links to other blog posts, which the same people get even more money for when you click on the links.

If you click on one of the links you will only get to several more claims and links where the evidence should be available, but which it is not. And so it goes.

How Scammers Earn From OneCoin Fake News Sites

So why did they choose us, OLN, to “hate”? It is really quite logical, we have a very large mass of members, all of whom are a potential “source of revenue” for their business, namely “paid per click blog”. So let’s say they make one post that gets 100,000 OLN members to click on it. And let’s say, for example, that they get paid $ 0.05 per click, then they made $ 5000.

If these 100,000 clicks on 1 link in the blog then they have made $ 5,000 more etc …… Then you quickly realize that being a professional hater is a quite profitable business. When we go in and click on the dirt they produce, we pay the wages of these people.

In addition, we build up the number of hits they get on their posts, which gives them more attention, maybe even from the media.

So let’s stop paying the wages of these people, who run this extremely unethical and profitable scam !!!

Use These hashtags against OneCoin Fake News-

  • #JusticeForOneCoin
  • #WeLoveOneCoin
  • #OneCoin
  • #ONE
  • #StopFakePropoganda

How We And Company Stop These OneCoin Fake News Sites

You are entitled to your own dreams…You are in control of your destiny…You are the one who writes the path moving forward—stop giving other people the pen…

People won’t always support your vision. Hell, they might not even see it in the first place. But if you just chalk up the credibility of your work to their disbelief, you’ll never know the potential that you have. You’ll never challenge yourself, or take forward steps…You’ll never be successful because you’re forever holding back by scammers.

So stop holding back. Stop walking away. Stop letting people tell you how to live, or think, or feel. Don’t take ‘no’ as an answer; you find loopholes and create change. You don’t let the negativity of someone else become the mantra you repeat within your own mind And you create and follow your own rules.

You won’t always be encouraged.
You won’t always be appreciated

Sometimes you won’t even be loved in the way you deserve.

You are not a bigot for speaking your truth (especially when you do so with respect and kindness). And You are not in the wrong for standing for what you feel is right. You are not ‘too much’ for being an advocate for something that fills you with passion. Likewise, you are not pathetic for chasing a far-fetched dream, something that you believe in wholeheartedly.

The world needs people like you people who are bold and unafraid. People who know what’s right in their heart and push for that, even when the rest of the world pulls in the opposite direction. People who can, and will, make the change.

So stop letting people devalue you, simply because they don’t agree. Stop letting their words keep you down, or their perspectives hold you stagnant. You are allowed to feel what you feel, think what you think, and Fight your fight!

And people can either respect that, join, or MOVE OUT OF YOUR WAY!



Our Responsibilities Against OneCoin Scammers

Please enough question about the date of exchange😡, stand up to haters who work day and night to kill our dream.
The atmosphere before opening exchange should be healthy 🧹🧹🧹
Let us clean up the dirt of our enemy.
So, every ONE holder need to raise his voice, share, comment, and like positive posts. Also, dislike and report haters and their negative posts. They are wolfing in cloth of sheep because now it is time for Onecoiner to win👊.


We have been working very for the last 5 years and we have achieved lots 👌💪 and I’m sure now we can all fight back to protect our rights, I have started reporting them 💪
Time to stand up and defend OneCoin
from OneCoin Fake News Sites And Scammers.

Time to stand up and raise our hands 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ every single person of us should take action against those heaters,
Stand up and fight for your dreams for your future, your family and our community, be together, We can’t let few people play and destroy our hard work in the last 5 years, Don’t Let them play with 3.5 million positive people.

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