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OneCoin Exchange !!Congrats!! We Are In Final Phase Dec. 2019



OneCoin Exchange Launch Date

OneCoin Exchange XCoinX is officially going to launch before 31 Dec 2019. This is officially confirmed by the company through its weekly newspaper.

But all OneLife.EU members were waiting for a final confirm date of XCoinX exchange launch. All OneLife members want it to launch soon.

Today I am going to share some important news about OneCoin Exchange launch date which is almost officially confirmed by OneCoin Top leaders and During a recent event.

OneCoin Exchange Will Launch Till $$ October 2019 $$

During the Verona Event on 3/7/2019, it is officially confirmed by Simon Lee And Habib Jahid. That OneCoin Exchange is in its final launching phase. All preparation is over and almost all license and permission are completed.

Due to the various request of event attendant, Simon Lee And Habib confirm that OneCoin XCoinX exchange could be launch till Aug/Sept or October 2019.

So Congratulation to all OneLife members for being the part of this great OneCoin Ecosystem. All your dreams will come true soon.

XCoinX Exchange Working System

OneCoin Exchange

XcoinX exchange will be connected to the central bank. And the central bank has directly connected to the local territories. So my dear friends all countries connected to the central bank will be able to receive payments from OneCoin Exchange.

In the case where cryptocurrency is not accepted in any form, there will be a global remittance like Doller at the current time and ONE Payment can be received through it from XCoinX exchange.

That is why you do not need to take any kind of tension related to the X Coin Hack Exchange. And of course, you don’t need to be panic regarding OneCoin exchange and one coin future. OneCoin Future is fully bright.

Is XCoinX Launch Date Confirm

Dear friends confirm news is always published through the company’s official press release. And this launch date is not in written form, so we can’t believe in it.

But we also can’t go against it because the person who claims it is top officials of the OneCoin company.

And they only release the news what the company suggests them they can’t go against the IMA and company policy. And anyway, they have not given any final date.

Here, they have given a time limit that the XCoinX exchange will be open until October. And we should not forget that the company has the rights to change its decision on the final moment.

OneCoin Exchange Video Information



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  4. Maria Tudorcioiu

    November 3, 2019 at 5:18 pm

    S_a dus August, Septembrie, Octombrie, suntem în Noiembrie 2019,China a zis și a făcut, Onecoin stă la colț să audă, să vadă dacă zic unii ceva rău!!Ce ar trebui să zică, să creadă,sa aștepte milioanele de oameni care au asistat neputincioși la toate gafele și minciunile onelife/onecoin??., Când te scalzi in minciună ,te naști din minciună nu poți trăi,exista, naște, prospera din minciună, Înseamnă că nu exiști Daca spui că nu colectezi bani că sa emiți o monedă,este o minciună,o înșelăciune ,este explicabil de ce nu se deschide excengiul , excengiul este dreptul comercianților la excengi ,altfel este nu fiasco,nu ponzi,excrocherie nemărginită ținută în viața cu ,, pachete ce educație,,… pachete de amăgire.Compabia a greșit,a gafat fata de noi toți!!! Față de Lideri care unii au plecat de frica celor pe care în numele și cererea companiei I_a mințit , așteptarea e crimă!!!

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