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OneCoin Exchange Limit #New Progress# (◔_◔) Aug 2019



OneCoin Exchange Limit

Hello, friends, I hope all of you are waiting for the declaration of OneCoin Exchange Limi. Because the XcoinX exchange limit will decide how many coins we can exchange or transfer within and outside of OneEcosystem.

It’s not a new thing, I know that all of you are aware of it. But we are not on the final decision as the company did not disclose this information. The Onecoin exchange limit will help to maintain coin price stability.

XCoinX Exchange Limit

OneCoin Exchange Limit OneCoin News

Today, I will share the exact onecoin news which is received from the exchange platform weekly summery week 11 report.

According to the news publish in weekly summery there will be 2 kind of system or limits for onecoin exchange

1. OneCoin Exchange Limit For Account To Account Transfer

Dear friends account to account transfer comes under the ONE Ecosystem. Hence you can transfer as much coin as you want. 

Suppose you want to purchase a mercidise car with OneCoin payment or you are planning to buy a home with OneCoin payment. Then you can transfer the whole amount of coins to the merchant wallet or merchant account.

So there is no limit for account to accont transfer. But if you are planning to convert your coins into fiat then you have to face limit. 

2. OneCoin Exchange Limit For Account To Bank Transfer

Dear friends if you want to convert your OneCoin into fiat then there is a limit. Onecoin Exchange limit will be decided by the combine effect of IT Team, Legal Team, Compliance Team and Lisence teams. The authorised teams are working to fix this limit soon.

Each day new progress is is seeing in this reference and soon we get a confirm news from the company.

Why Limit is Applicable

OneCoin Exchange Limit OneCoin News

There are multiple benefits of applying the XCoinX exchange limit system.  There are many unwanted uses coins found in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which is possible due to limitless transaction.

1. Price Stability

OneCoin exchange limit will control the price and whole mechanism will be very well organised. There could be applied some universal rules as we can calculate the maximum conversion volume.

2. Money Laundring Control

Main reason of money laundering is unlimited money transfer without verification. But here in OneEcosystem everything will be under control.

An authorised team will be organised to moniter the whole system like money laundering and terror funding.

3. Prevent Terror Funding

Terror funding is the most sensitive reason because of this many contries banned cryptocurrency regulation.

XcoinX exchange limit will control the illegal use of ONEs for smugling and terror funding.

4. Healthy ONE Ecosystem

We cannot make a final decision regarding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Because we can not control the trading and liquidity of coins.

But in case of onecoin everything is defined as per rules. There is a limitof coins transfer from exchange to bank. 

So we can feel a healthy ONE ecosystem because of OneCoin exchange limit.

5. Increase Usability

As people will be able to purchase goods and services with OneCoin payment. Hence most of individual will not transfer coins to their bank for purchasing goods. 

And due to XCoin Exchange limit they will prefer to buy goods directly in stead of transferring coins to their account.






    August 14, 2019 at 1:20 am

    It is so fantastic! Wow!!! All techniques are ok. Thank u one life team.


    September 20, 2019 at 2:41 am

    Muchas gracias onelife, Onecoin, la mejor compañía de educación financiera, muchas, gracias.

  3. Lorena Ramirez

    September 20, 2019 at 5:25 am

    El ecosistema global onecoin onelife, el mejor del presente y del futuro.

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