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OneCoin Exchange DNA Test 26th December 2019



OneCoin Exchange DNA Test 26th Dec 2019
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OneCoin Exchange DNA Test

Today we will see OneCoin Exchange DNA Test in detail. We will discuss all the points in detail and all official updates about the upcoming exchange launch.

Our main focus is on the recent news trending on different social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twiter, WhatsApp, and telegram groups.

Most of the people are talking about the exchange being launched on 26 December 2019. But all the listeners have doubts about this date. is it true or not? Is it official or not? So let’s see the official update.

OneCoin Exchange Official News

The company has announced in its official newsletter that it will come in exchange in the current year 2019. But no official specific date is announced to date. The company has not disclosed this in any of its newsletters.

The company said in a press release in January 2019 that we are going to launch the exchange very soon. The press release stated that the exchange was one step away.

But since then, no official announcement has been made about the exchange. That is why we cannot accept the news going on social media as 100% true.

What is 26th December Exchange Launch News

Dear friends for understanding the exact matter behind the exchange we have to watch this video shared by the top GLG leader. Let’s see the video:

Here everything is stated that we can use our coin for purchasing education package, purchasing goods and services on the DealShaker platform.

But they didn’t announce anything about the exchange date. Although they explain the upcoming exchange 9 months strategy.

Along with this, the company’s vision and mission have also been discussed in detail here. Whatever decision is taken by the company is taken into consideration with the objective of the company.

As far as the exchange is being said to be launched on December 26, let’s see the video about it.

Along with this video, there are so many other YouTube videos circulating on different WhatsApp and Facebook groups.

But none of them is talking about the official news with proof. They all are saying that they get this news from the top leader. But I have listed a video by Adeel Sir. And they are not talking anything about this.

A few months back few leaders Like Habib Jahid And Simon Lee announced that the exchange can be launched on Sept, Oct or Nob. 2019. But they didn’t announce any fix date.

They just give a brief idea based on the information available at that time and those circumstances.

Will Exchange Launch on 26th December 2019?

OneCoin Exchange DNA test says that the company will follow its official statement. Like they have told earlier that the exchange will be launched in the current year 2019.

But if there will be some changes then the company will announce it officially by its official newsletter or press note.

Maybe the exchange will launch on 26th December but it is not sure. It may be launched or may not be launched. But ask your self what is onecoin main objectives? And why are you waiting for the exchange launch?

You will get your answer! If anything escapes from you then read the article again and watch the above video again. Everything will be clear to you.