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OneCoin Exchange Date News Expert Analysis 2019 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



OneCoin Exchange Date News
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Are you looking for OneCoin exchange date news? When OneCoin will launch on an exchange or will go public?

When we can convert our ONE to Fiat? everything we are going to discuss in this article. So stay tuned and never miss any upcoming updates.

Friends OneCoin Exchange is the upcoming part of ONE Ecosystem. Without exchange, our ecosystem will not be complete.

Even this we are not seeing any update from the corporate about the exchange launch! Why this is happening?

Everyone wants to know about this and in the beginning, the company clears this doubt. As per the Dr. Ruja Ignatova, Vision And Mission OneCoin is a merchant coin.

OneCoin is different than other existing altcoins. They all are trading coins. While OneCoin will be used on the eCommerce platform and its main purpose is to create direct usability.

According to Dr. Ruja Ignatova, before going to an exchange OneCoin should gain at least 10 million active members and 1 Million active merchants.

Let’s check the current status of OneEcosystem in terms of members and merchants.

OneLife Active Members

OneCoin Exchange Date News

As per the current screenshot of the OneLife website, there is a total of 3657573 active OneLife members. Which is (approx 3.65 Million) far away from the targeted 1 million number.

There may be so many reasons behind this. As per my knowledge, the OneCoin education program is promoted by the MLM scheme.

In which sponsor person gets some commission on a new referral. But as all payments are on hold and no conversion is available directly from the company leaders are quitting this.

Also, existing members are waiting for the exchange. That’s by we are seeing slow growth in OneLife members count.

But this is not the end of our journey. Here is something special for you with the DealShaker platform. We got some hints for OneCoin exchange date news from the DealShaker platform.

DealShaker Active Members

The total current active merchants are approx 120840+629945=750785. It is approx 0.75 Million. Which is very close to 1 Million.

And 75% is also considered dictation in the score. Means 0.75 will become 1 million very soon.

Likewise, we know that OneCoin is a merchant coin that can be used directly on the DealShaker platform for exchanging goods and services.

The company is focusing on creating new merchants. Also, the company is planning something special for us.

So if we will see from merchants’ point of view OneCoin exchange date news is in the favor of coming soon in 2020.

Let’s see the expert analysis about the OneCoin Exchange Date news!

What does Expert say About OneCoin Exchange Date?

Today we are going to share the latest update from the experts related to OneCoin exchange date news and all upcoming features.

About the Exchange!

Read attentively, it’s for all part of people who are not serious, from the OneCoin community.

Why there is no date about the exchange?

  • Why there is no date about the exchange?

It’s very simple to know :

At first, the company was attacked, she is attacked once again currently, by The Satoshi witch Hunt Sect, against OneCoin! Then, this has delayed the project.

The second reason, is the big working for the company, about the compliances, and also the agreements of the authorities to open the exchange because cryptocurrency is new and each country has got its own laws and rules about this subject.

Why the people talk about the Exchange and not about the development of Dealshaker?

  • The Most Serious Questions are: Why the people talk about the Exchange and not about the development of Dealshaker? Why?

Do you think, that it is respectfully towards IMA members, who have Worked with a tough effort to develop Dealshaker, while that you are totally asleep, to repeat like Big group of parrots, the same words that Satoshi witch Hunt SECT, against OneCoin?

  • If OneCoin has not an Exchange, OneCoin is a Scam!

And of course, it’s not true! OneCoin is the biggest cryptocurrency usable on this day, and all testimony is available each day on youtube, the people testify, that they have bought goods and services. the cars, the travels, take the taxi, and again many different products…

Don’t listen to the OneCoin haters, OneCoin has got value for a long time without the Exchange.

It’s clear! Because it’s the community who creates and increases the value of the coin. And it’s the same concept, for all currency… The community gives value has the currency!

  • Now, are you logical or Irrational?
  • Are you honest and serious or not?
  • When the OneCoin project started, he started with an Exchange open directly?
  • Yes or no?

Of course that no! because the vision of this project is to develop the usability before the Exchange.

The vision of this project is to make a stable coin, has a global scale!
Now, Search and others cryptocurrency, who do the same… It does not exist! Wake up !!

  • So, now, It’s the vision of this project? To sell your OneCoin, Yes or Not?

OneCoin Exchange Date News What to Say?

Of course that no! you want to get a great value of your OneCoin, yes or not? If you want to increase the value of your OneCoin and your power of purchasing?

It’s very simple, participate in the development of DealShaker, and stop to talk about Exchange! The Exchange is the work of the company, it’s Also the work of the Authorities for the compliances and their agreements.

And will take all the time necessary to do that.

Then, it’s very simple to understand this fact, if you delete Dealshaker from the One-Ecosystem, and if you leave only the Exchange just to convert your OneCoin, in fiat currency.

OneCoin it’s clearly the same copy like Bitcoin stupid bubble asset and others who are not real cryptocurrency focused on usability. With this, it’s just an asset extremely volatile, and nothing of more!

The people are so crazy !! they want to sell their coin just to get oldest fiat currency with many inconveniences, where they lost their power of purchasing each day.

But they do not want to participate in this opportunity like serious entrepreneurs, to increase the value of their coin, and the usability for the OneCoin project, to have a better future for them and all the community… It’s amazing, the world walk upside down 🤔 !!

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