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!!Good News!! OneCoin Exchange Confirm [Dt] ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )



Friends today we will discuss about OneCoin exchange confirm or not. Actually this question is trending on social media since Dec. 2019.

As per the official statement by some top leaders, OneCoin exchange was scheduled to launch on or before October 2019. But there is no exchange launch to date.

People were assuming that as per the company official statement that we are in the final phase and in the year 2019 we will come on exchange.

But now we are in January 2020 and there is no signal for exchange launch. Also, no official newsletter is sent to the email subscribers.

No one is getting official written news from the corporate in any form. This is causing panic among the all OneLife members.

The truth of Current OneCoin Exchange

As per the OneCoin vision, OneCoin is a merchant coin and it will reach the merchants before launching on exchange.

We all are aware of the new DealShaker platform. This platform was the initiation of the OneCoin exchange launch. But due to the cheating of some ex-leaders, the NewDealShaker platform has to be stopped.

But it is a part of OneCoin Vision and mission. OneCoin will be used as a payment system on the e-commerce platform. As per the information received from the sources OneCoin team working on another NewDealShaker platform.

Where people can use OneCoin as well as fiat currency for purchasing products and services. That platform will provide a choice to pay either with ONE or from another fiat currency wallet. Like we use PayPal before on the NewDealShaker platform.

Why Exchange is taking time to launch?

If everything had gone according to plan, the exchange would have been launched by now. Because after testing everything, the OneCoin account was synchronized with the NewDealShaker account.

At that time both the One Coin wallet and the Fiat Currency wallet were connected together on this platform. But now everything is going to be renovated.

Recently OneCoin team announce that they are working on the website and fixing the bugs. Probably they are renovating it as per the future payment requirement.

As the official update will come everything will be cleared. We are hoping for the best soon.

The latest developments: OneCoin Exchange Date Confirm. Let’s see official information from the company and it is very important to know everyone.

For Platform: OneCoin Exchange Confirm

The platform’s readiness date is 100% (not the currency exit for trading as is common).

  1. The green light for trading is the central bank (coordinates between Alwan Life and the German company in charge of EXCHANGE)
    Trading will most likely take place before the end of this year (according to most color leaders).
  2. The company finally got all the licenses (transfers, trading …)
    For example, you can transfer your currency from the platform to your land bank directly (without any problem .. because the company has a transfer license as western union …)
  3. During the start of trading will be transferred to the colors of Queen internally unlimited (not as now you can only convert colors to upline or downline and only and a limited rate) means you can send an unlimited number of colors to anyone, even if not with you in the network ..
  4. The transfer of colors from your wallet in the colors of the platform will be limited every day (the company has not yet determined the percentage)
  5. With the platform you can:
    ¥ convert one currency to another currency (eg from Euro to Dollar ..)
    Also, ¥ Convert cash currency to digital currency (eg from euro to one coin)
    ¥ Convert digital currency to cash currency (eg from one coin to euro)
    ¥ Convert digital currency to digital currency (eg from one coin to bitcoin)
  6. With regard to the withdrawal of funds from the platform to the land. The bank will be normal (because the company obtained a transfer authorization)

OneCoin Exchange Confirm For_Dealshaker:

  • Soon, a special Delshker will be opened in Morocco (all things are ready). And Leader Said Rajab will be in charge of approving the products offered by merchants. (because a reasonable price must be set for the product to be approved).
  • Network marketing will be approved even in the Dealership. (i.e. if a merchant registers on your link you will earn a percentage of the commission)

The spirit of success, the relatives of OLN / IMA International fighters, the hard work of OLN / IMA leaders is extremely strong.

Even though negative exposure about One is stirred up by haters. Time will prove, as well as extraordinary hardness and confidence.

We will continue to mobilize this community until the wider community can see the lies made by haters and competitors who play dirty.

I personally say many thanks for the availability of world relatives joined in groups that strengthen us all.

We continue to join hands so that ecosystems and world peace achieved. Greetings to all my brothers and we will suggest people follow the official OneCoin exchange confirm updates.

You don’t need corporate to speed up as they have done the job and sticking point is ONE to be allowed for trade. Which I can understand haters and scammers done a great job to destroy it to the maximum.

Center Quotes

A simple thing I couldn’t understand from haters and scammers
ONELIFE network is not networking since almost 1 years
All network is working on usability of ONE (Dealshaker)
And waiting for exchnage to make this project successful
So it means no more sale is going on but real work
Then why they want to kill this project
Any idea🤔

The only problem they have is that the company they left if becoming so powerful again and again yet for them they became failures.

They have just jealous and they will suffer for their eternal life. Thanks, Mr. Habib and the team for your hard work We are with you up to the end.

The entire company is working for its healthy ecosystem. And this is the reason they are not preferring anything except their goal. So dear friends please follow the company vision and faith in the system.

Very soon exchange will be opened and we will be able to beat our competitors and fake peoples. We will see or we are seeing each day better than yesterday.

Please follow the official news channel and information source for the latest OneCoin Exchange Confirm updates.



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  2. JJBB

    October 2, 2019 at 11:57 pm

    What happened … why the opening date was broken?

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