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OneCoin Cryptocurrency 100% [Myths & Reality] [9 Months Launch Plan]



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OneCoin Cryptocurrency?? What People Not Understand??

Friends Today we will understand OneCoin cryptocurrency in brief. It is necessary to clear all our doubts and existing hypothetic thoughts.

The fact is not everyone is interested in selling especially those who understand cryptocurrency well. Then there are people who have doubted but are interested in buying only when it goes public.

Remember there is remittance and those with many coins know how this will work. It’s moving money around as a gift or as payment like Western Union. But Dr. Ruja always complained that Western Union charged too much.

That’s her vision as she explained, affordable payments for everyone. And a banking system for the 2 billion unbanked people in the world. The banks don’t want them. They haven’t enough money.

ONE is OneCoin Cryptocurrency not treat it Like Commodity

Cashing in/out is not better than using OneCoin to buy things I need in life. After all, its usability by exchanging it for goods and services makes it gain value hence price increase.

When the main focus is on getting cash, that indicates OneCoin will be a commodity, not currency. But when we use our coins to buy things we want from markets and pay our services using it. Then it becomes a currency, which at the beginning was the vision and goal of its founder.

What is OneCoin Exchange Exactly?

Exchange is the ability to move ONES from one account to another freely, then you can purchase your items using your One. So merchants will be happy and be able to pay suppliers. And suppliers will want OneCoin also, and all merchants will want to join DealShaker.

How To Increase the Usability And Value of OneCoin Cryptocurrency?

OneCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Dr RUja Ignatova
Dr. Ruja Ignatova OneCoin Founder

Let’s ask our selves this. Is it bad using my OneCoins to buy foodstuff, pay school fees? Also, pay for treatment in case of sickness, for buying personal property, etc, without touching cash but transferring value of the would-be paper money to the Seller??

How is it a loss or bad idea if I can use my coins, instead of selling them. And giving cash, when after all I am going to use that cash to buy the needs of life?

Can We Convert ONE into Fiat?

The company will allow the coin to fiat especially to merchants because they have to repurchase or stock things to sell to those having OneCoin.

Could We Get Fiat Instead of ONE?

Mobile money is only a method of payment, but OneCoin cryptocurrency will be a method of payment. Store of value and currency at the same time. OneCoin cryptocurrency is not affected by inflation. And an increase in price value even while fiat or mobile money stays the same. Or decreases in value, even after years pass. So those who are fighting to dispose of their coins, I think they should think again a little.

OneCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Overview

Colleagues, just in the video sorted the example of the Binance exchange.
One of the largest to date, the cryptocurrency exchange.

To study the agreement on the site, Binance is not formally a crypto-exchange, since there is no license information.

Accordingly, such activity is also not regulated at 100%. OneCoin / OneLife’s latest exchange report shows that there is a detailed study of the exchange issue not by chance:

  • OneCoin may become the first official international cryptocurrency exchange. 💪🏻
    Yes, this imposes a number of restrictions, and first of all, it concerns withdrawal limits. BUT, but it will attract many crypto users to withdraw your money through the official exchange. Especially, it concerns the issues of controlling money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • It is very competent from my point of view that the company management decided to include Binance OneCoin in the list of currencies.
    This will attract users of one of the largest exchanges to the OneCoin exchange.
  • There are most cryptocurrencies that are now in the TOP 20 list by turnover on CoinMarketCap. This means that many users who have at least these cryptocurrencies may want to trade on the exchange. As there are all popular cryptocurrencies and this is another platform for traders.
  • All of the above items, as I see it, is an opportunity to attract a huge number of users to the exchange. For a company, this is an opportunity to receive income from the activities of the exchange. For the community, this is an opportunity to popularize coins, because many will be able to trade in pairs, for example, ONE / BTC.
    This means that the demand for coins will increase, and the exchange will be at a bargain price. Why can trading with ONE coin be interesting?

OneCoin Cryptocurrency Some In-depth Points

  • Since the coin itself was created for merchants, and therefore its rate is not as volatile as the rest of the cryptocurrency, which provides a good profit (profit) on trading.
    In pairs where the volatility of both cryptocurrencies is large enough to trade is difficult, especially for beginners. Why are currency pairs with the dollar popular on many Forex exchanges?
  • Because the dollar is calculated in many countries of the world for international transactions.
  • Also, Because the liquidity of the dollar is high and there is a lot of it to provide profit to everyone. Who wants to withdraw profit.
  • Because the dollar at this stage is itself a stable currency (competition is only with the euro). And paired with this currency it is convenient to trade any other currency. The dollar has a lot in common with OneCoin cryptocurrency.
  • It is accepted as a medium of exchange at this stage in 194 countries of the world.
  • The course at this stage is stable and supported by the Ecosystem
  • The One blockchain allows providing sufficient liquidity to all exchange users. Who wants to use this coin as a pair in trading.

The only difference is the way I see it, that there will be no soap bubbles. Because the dollar is printed based on the needs of the market.

And in fact, it’s only provided with demand now. And the One Blockchain is limited and it’s not possible to create more here. Which will save the market from global financial fraud?

Last Points

This as a whole will contribute to the recovery of the financial system globally. And I think this is very cool! Therefore, colleagues, it is now important to create sustainable ecosystems in different regions with OneCoin Cryptocurrency.

The constant circulation of the coin will ensure the stability of the entire Ecosystem. And will contribute to the stability of the coin rate. As well as the interest of other market players in owning a OneCoin cryptocurrency.

Consequently, the rate of the coin will gradually and steadily be growing. Due to the fact that there are a limited number of coins, and for all coin holders this is beneficial in the end! My thanks to all the active market participants who now developing local ecosystems. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
This is really very huge work, and now it’s very important! 💓💓💓💓