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OneCoin Crypto Money Exchange 2020



OneCoin Crypto Money Exchange
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hello friends, today we will discuss about OneCoin crypto money exchange in detail. Here I am using the word OneCoin crypto money instead of OneCoin cryptocurrency.

Dear friends OneCoin is a cryptocurrency we accept and also proved it. But today I am using the word OneCoin crypto money instead of cryptocurrency.

Friends ONE cryptocurrency is different from other altcoins and cryptocurrencies. Because none of these cryptocurrencies can be used directly. That is why we are calling them currency.

What we Do With Currency

Each currency has its own limited limits. If we want to use that currency beyond its limit, then we have to convert it to another currency.

Suppose you live in the US, the US dollar is used as a currency in the US region. You can use US dollars as money in the US.

But after coming to India, you will have to convert US currency into Indian currency. Because in India you can only use Indian currency as money.

Use of Cryptocurrencies

There is no definite limit on cryptocurrency. They all work on blockchain technology.

But we cannot use them to buy products and services for ourselves. We have to convert these cryptocurrencies into fiat currency to buy products and services.

The main reason for this is the no direct usability of cryptocurrency. You can use crypto as currency but you cannot use it as money.

Use of OneCoin Crypto Money

One Coin is the first such cryptocurrency in the world that we can use as crypto money. We can buy all the products and services we need from one payment.

We can buy products and services from through One Coin. So we can say that OneCoin is crypto money for the Dealshaker platform.

OneCoin Crypto Money Exchange

As we all know that OneCoin is a kind of crypto money. And no money required to exchange. Similarly, OneCoin is crypto money. Likewise, it can be used directly for buying products and services.

So, it is clear from here that the OneCoin crypto money exchange is the e-commerce platform. Or you can say that OneCoin is an e-commerce currency. Which can be used to buy products and services from the platform.

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