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OneCoin Captain Message To All Family Members



OneCoin Captain Message: Today through this post we are going to share an official message from our captain.

In this message, he has told about the current situation and the preparations to be made for the coming time.

I hope you will read this carefully and follow the guidelines mentioned in it.

OneLife OneCoin Captain Message

Friends and OneFamily global, it brings me great pleasure to speak to you in what matters most: our future. Forget all the negative, adverse, discouraging things that you have heard.

I am here with your best interest in mind, to provide you with the information that you will need to chart a course for success.

Together, our future is bright and will be built around absolute integrity, truth and strong concepts.

We will teach what we have been mandated to teach and do what we are required to, and that is speaking the truth maintaining our value of transparency. And our purpose in developing people and nations.

For me, I believe that the upcoming event carded for August in Romania will be one of the greatest launching events that the World of OneLife has ever seen or experienced.

This brand that we are celebrating will becomea household name and be part of an everyday culture.

I am letting you know that the systems we are working on are being created to make your life easier, faster and functional.

The systems are quite lucrative in the marketing and fintech industries, and would dominate in any cutting edge areas of technology.

I am excited, persuaded, energised and ready!

As I close this message I am reminded by my team member Eric on his YouTube channel RED about FEAR!!!!!

We can see it in many different ways in our life it’s about how we respond to it that matters most. There’s

Vision Realty.

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