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OneCoin Captain Corner Newsletter 5 May 2020



OneCoin Captain Corner: “Show me your friends, and I will show you who you are and who you will become.” As you go through life you will come into contact with literally millions of people. Most of these people, like your work colleagues or acquaintances you will interact with only in a very superficial manner. You do not choose who they are, and in most cases, you will bounce easily and happily off them as you go about your daily life. They are just a part of life’s rich tapestry.

But there is a smaller group of people, who you do personally select —your friends and business partners. These people need to be chosen extremely carefully because they will have a profound impact on your life. Their thoughts will influence and shape your thoughts. What they do, what they think, who they meet, and where they go will influence every aspect of your life.

OneCoin Captain Corner Analysis

— what you do, how you think, who you meet, where you go, and, ultimately, who you become. Because you are surrounded by and immersed in their environment. It is not surprising that you will gradually absorb their behaviors, ethics, desires, and dreams. Slowly but surely you will be shaped. And influenced by them in a subtle process that relentlessly molds you, without even realizing it. This is human nature.

Your close circle of friends and partners and business associates have another major impact on your life. They are the ones who can hurt you most, as well as being the ones who can help you get ahead in life. If you think back over all the times when you were seriously upset or let down. you will probably find it was caused by someone close to you.

So, it turns out that the inner character of the people you closely associate with is of prime importance. If their soul is made of quality stuff, you will find your life somehow always turns out for the better. You will become a happier and more productive and enriched person. But if their inner character is weak or flawed, sooner or later you will get hurt.

What is Main Trouble

The trouble is, many people are not quite what they seem to be on the outside. Potential business partners may be charming and very smart. They might have the right expertise, fabulous resources and all the right connections. But if they are not quality men and women on the inside, you will almost certainly end up being worse off if you go into business with them. Sooner or later they will let you down or find a way to make a personal gain at your expense.

Therefore, being able to reliably assess a person’s inner character is one of the most important skills you will ever learn. It is also one of the last skills most people master. So, this raises the question: How do you really know what a person is like inside?

Our friends tell others a lot about the behaviors we find acceptable to our values in life. And the things that interest us. Our friends not only inform others of the things they need to be worried about. But also the positive and valuable things about our character.

A really interesting exercise is to list six people you chose to spend the most time over the last that month. Besides the name of each of these six people, write down four adjectives that best describe each of them. This will give you 24 adjectives, but you will probably find quite a few of them are repeated. Now take another piece of paper and put your name in the center of the page. Then write down all the adjectives in a circle next to your name. This diagram tells you a lot about yourself!

Ask yourself

— why do you have that particular list of adjectives surrounding your name? Sometimes the true answer is not the obvious one. Some people change their circle of friends after this exercise because they realize that their friends were not people adding to their life. By removing these “low-value” friendships they made space for new higher-value, higher-quality friends.

So, this was the OneCoin Captain Corner taken from Dr. Ruja’s book, ‘LEARNING FOR PROFIT’ (Pgs. 121-122).   As no one says it better.

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