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OneCoin Cake 100% Home Made!! Hurry Up!!



OneCoin Cake
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OneCoin Cake

Hello friends! Now Celebrate a Birthday party with OneCoin cake with your family and friends. You will get a 100% natural product with 100% OneCoin payment from a registered business owner. Check more details below:

Deal Detail

100% homemade cake OneCoin payment in Zagreb, Latvia. (0.84ONE)
Natural product 100% ONE pay sponge cake.
purjekaterina21 BakerJP SIA
Registered business
Self-organizing shipping
Price: 0.84 ONE (1 ONE = 29.85 EUR)
ONE is exclusively subject to DealShaker’s flat rate.

Coupon Detail

The value is based on the current exchange rate and changes as the mining difficulty changes. DealShaker does not guarantee the sale price of ONE.
Coupons Available: 250
Promotion ends: 2020/02/15
Coupons Sold: 0
Coupon Expiration Date: 2019/11 / 06-2020 / 02/15
Quantity. 1
Buy this deal on November 6, 2019.

OneCoin Cake Technology:

We offer a natural cake. Natural sponge cake with a natural cream, chocolate and fruit decorations, individual approach for each customer. 1 coupon = 1 kg of cake We can make cakes of all sizes at the request of our customers, and depending on the season, the decorations can be different depending on the kind of fruits. Small private bakery: Melioracijas 2, Ozolnieki, Latvija) 30 km from Riga, 5 km from Jelgava
Seller’s Terms and Conditions:
Self tissue pickup. Delivery is negotiated separately, upon receipt of cake
Shipping costs are paid in Euros.
Order by phone +371 29789555 to 17:00.
It is recommended to order at least one week in advance, but the desired collection time
We recommend that you do not fulfill your order until 72 hours.
Otherwise, you have the right to refuse to fulfill your order.
About the trader:
A small pastry shop in a green suburb near Jelgava and not far from Riga. We sell high-quality cakes with natural ingredients.
Contact the seller
Merchant Address (You can use the trading coupon at the merchant’s designated address):
Melioraakias 2
Latvia Ozeniekie (lv)
+371 29789555
08: 00-18: 00 (Monday – Saturday)

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