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OneCoin Blockchain KYC And New Site Update By KJ 2020



OneCoin Blockchain KYC And New Site Update:

Dear OneCioners / OneLifers 📣📣

💥 Update from yesterday’s Russian webinar at KING JAYMS 💥

Phishing alerts will disappear within a week, after which a split will occur and the coin value after the split will be updated to the current difficulty of € 42.50.

During March, the company solved Coinsafe’s issue and accounted for
Update missing interest. If Coinsafe is fixed, you will need to restart the coin distribution from the PowerPack package.

The company hired an IT company to:

  1. Block Explorer tool for public blockchain
  2. KYC automatic approval (external service).
  3. New site for Onelife and Dealshaker.

Newsletters start appearing regularly every Monday.

The International World event will take place in late July in Romania and the exact time and place will be announced later.

Bulgarian television will air a documentary about Onecoin. Veska Ignatova tells the story of what has happened to the company over the years and how both untrusted people pose great challenges and take company money for both the network and employees.

This document will be available to everyone when it is first published in Bulgaria.

OneCoin Blockchain KYC And New Site Update

OneCoin Blockchain:

Ever since One Coin was launched, there has been a lot of disagreement among people about the One Coin blockchain.

Even if some people are not ready to accept this, the company has presented a new example for all of them.

OneCoin has hired a new ID company that will make OneCoin blockchain publicly visible. Now we can see the blockchain from our dashboard and also show it to other people.

If we say this clearly, it means that the blockchain of OneCoin can now be seen publicly.

Blockchain KYC Automatic Approval

For the last 5 years, all of us have been facing a common problem. And this is the problem of KYC approval.

Although it has seen a lot of improvement from some time, the problem remains as it is.

Right now people have to wait for a long time to get their KYC approved.

Keeping all these things in mind, the company has arranged for automatic KYC approval.

Now as soon as you send your document to approve, it will be automatically approved automatically.

New OneLife & DealShaker Site Will be Launched Soon

The most important information has been given on this post given by us. Now, very soon we will get to see the website of New Dealshaker and OneLife.

So far, the company has not officially confirmed which features have been brought.

But we hope that very good features have been enabled on both websites which is very important for OneCoin Progress.

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