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OneCoin Australia News Analysis 7 March 2020



Hi, today we are going to do OneCoin Australia News Analysis in detail through this post. If you’re not aware of it. Then let me tell you that currently there is a news article trending on Twitter and Facebook. It claims that the Australian court gives a decision regarding OneCoin legality.

They’re claiming that we can use OneCoin in Australia as per the Australian supreme court.

OneCoin Australia News Analysis Report

Dear friends let me clear that we can use OneCoin in Australia on DealShaker. And this is happening since the DealShaker launch.

OneCoin is a good, reliable, and transparent cryptocurrency. There are some miss understanding among some authorities like the US.

All legal formalities are going on for exchange in such territories.

If anything will happen company will notify through weekly newsletter and captain zoom meeting.

But till now there is no such thing happened. That will clarify this or we can say confirm it.

Is This News True

I confirm this news with our senior leader. They clearly suggest that this news is not true. If anything will happen the company will announce it officially.

Until the company official newsletter, we can’t say. And OneCoin leader will not confirm this.

When XCOINX Exchange Will Launch

The main objective of One Coin is to increase its usefulness in the market. For this, the company is getting more and more merchants introduced in the market.

At present, India has about two lakh active merchants in the country who accept one coin payment. This number is going to increase day by day.

And this is increasing the awareness of the company in the market. People are getting to know that in this way we can buy everything using our cryptocurrency, product service, house, house shop. So, this was the complete OneCoin Australia News Analysis.

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