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OneCoin ALS Brief Detail & Future Benefits [7 Points]



OneCoin ALS

OneCoin ALS stands for Advance Learning System. As we know our learning is the key point of our success. So we have to focus on learning.

Some great philosopher says that if you want to earn mone then you should start to learn more. Today we will discuss OneCoin ALS ( Advance Learning System) in brief and also we will see its upcoming future benefits.

So, first of all, we will see what is ALS?


The full form of ALS is an advanced learning system. This means when we learn something in detail from beginning to end it is called ALS.

We are seeing that almost the majority of people every day demanding the exchange launch and so many Bla Bla…

While the main objective of OneCoin or OneLife (OneAcademy) is to educate about cryptocurrency and blockchain system.

What do we learn From OneCoin ALS?

ONE ALS system is completely focused on both the virtual and physical worlds. We are educated with the finance market, Global Trading, and whole cryptocurrency system.

There are 7-8 main subjects that are covered by the world-class top faculty. Let’s see about the course and their professors.

OneAcademy OneCoin ALS Main Study Subjects

  1. Introduction to finance (Teacher: Mr. Angel Marchev); 
  2. Risk and Stock Market (Teacher: Mr. Angel Marchev); 
  3. Forex and technical analysis of financial markets; 
  4. Risk management and econometric analysis (Teacher: Mr. Joannis Kantartzis);
  5. Behavioral Finance and advanced analysis (Teacher: Mr. Numan Ulku); 
  6. Behavioral Economics (Teacher: Ms. Eva Porras); 
  7. IPO process and valuations (Teacher: Ms. Eva Porras).


This is not the end of our learning. Its a beginning and we deserve a better world. Finance, Stock, Forex, Risk Management, Technical Analysis, Behavioural Economics, IPO process, and valuations all topics are covered with very simple language. This is the system that can be understood by everyone.

Also, see our OneCoin ALS system. We are all learning this. And taking off in your life. Gradually we will find a solution to all our problems. We are moving forward with belief and hope.

Our beliefs and expectation are based on facts, for this, we do not need to give evidence from anyone. And from time to time, its veracity has been proved in different corners of the world.

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